The CITRUS Centre for IT Research


The CITRUS Centre for IT Research ( ) is a national centre for applied information and communications technology (ICT) research. The national centre and first research hub is to be based at Unitec New Zealand Waitakere, to be followed by a second research hub at Otago Polytechnic and supporting a national virtual network of researchers. CITRUS intends to make a significant contribution to New Zealand’s economic and social well-being through the successful transfer of knowledge and applied research in the field of ICT. CITRUS is about building New Zealand’s ICT capability, that involves business and the community in applied research that will successfully sustain New Zealand’s economic growth. It will provide applied research opportunities for community and business (particularly SMEs) in Waitakere City and throughout New Zealand through student projects and a network of emerging and experienced researchers. Waitakere City offers significant synergies for the CITRUS project, including the personal support of Mayor Bob Harvey, relationships with business development agencies and business incubation facilities and a recognition that CITRUS will directly contribute to the city’s technology vision.

The CITRUS vision is one of applied ICT research adding real value to regional economies and communities and is based on a model of innovation in applied research leading to commercialisation. The Centre will be operated by Unitec New Zealand’s School of Computing and IT and Otago Polytechnic as lead partners on behalf of the Computing & Information Technology Research & Education New Zealand
(CITRENZ). CITRENZ members are the information and computing technology schools in all the New Zealand Polytechnics, Massey University Wellington and AUT. The proposal for a national centre is endorsed by the Association of Polytechnics of New Zealand (APNZ) and enjoys the support of Waitakere City Council.

CITRUS introduces a national collaborative framework that will provide mentorship, networking and support to ensure that polytechnic-based research in ICT is focused and reaching its full potential in the same way that the CITRENZ has brought together academic development, staff development and collaboration over the last 14 years. The dynamic field of ICT research means that intellectual property issues pose difficulties for many researchers who lack the commercial experience and resources, CITRUS will as part of its mandate develop policies and expertise in the effective management of intellectual property and will actively work with local research clusters to promote the best results for stakeholders. This leads directly to a significant role of CITRUS, which is to facilitate the incubation and commercialisation of research projects. With CITRUS acting as
a co-ordinated national centre, regionally-based and inter-institutional research clusters can be created, managed and resourced so that CITRUS:

  • Builds a community of ICT researchers (across-the-board)
  • Increases financial support for research activities (targeted)
  • Increases the critical mass of new researchers (new directions)
  • Develops and supports research centres and clusters (seeks excellence)
  • Develops formal research linkages with other institutions (outreach)
  • Leverages localised partnerships with industry, community and iwi (inclusive)

For further information contact:Sam Mann .