Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group



The Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group aims to cordinate activities related to stakeholder interaction and manage the publicity of CITRENZ activities.


The Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group will coordinate the following activities:

  • Brokerage on shared teaching modules
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Liaison  with industry
  • Website and social media (facebook)
  • Recognise individual academia
  • Newsletters regular
  • Liaise with High School groups
  • Inter institution links and cooperation
  • Best graduating student in each institution team awards
  • Liaison with external bodies
  • National student awards
  • Internships
  • Careers
  • Student communication


  • Michael Andrews Chair (MIT)
  • Paul Plester (Industry)
  • David Skelton (EIT)
  • Chris McCarthy (CPIT)
  • Chris Mayhew (MIT)
  • Catherine Snell-Siddle (UCOL)
  • Sarah Snell (UCOL)