PC Drivers Licence (PCDL)



The Licence identifies that the named individual has achieved a clear level of competence and understanding in the use of Personal Computers for business applications.

Key Tag Award

Individuals will also receive a key tag upon gaining their PC Drivers Licence.


The courses that lead to the PCDL are available at New Zealand Polytechnics and institutions accredited to the NACCQ.


Click here to download the PCDL course application form as a PDF file.

These courses are derived from the New Zealand Institutions of Technology and Polytechnics Qualifications in Information and Communications Technology. Six of the following seven courses are required to gain the PCDL:

+ Software Applications (SP500P)
+ Software Packages (SP510) 
+ Hardware Fundamentals (HF500)
+ Operating Systems Software (OS500)
+ LAN Administration (NM500)  
+ Internet (IN500)
+ Multimedia Principles (MA500)

Any of SP590, SP591 or SP592 may be substituted for SP500 and/or SP510 )

Holders of a NZCS ICDL, or level 3 computing qualification, may be granted one 7 credit module (unspecified) towards the PCDL. These courses may be offered in any of the following programmes

Diploma in Information and Communications Technology L5 and/or L6 National Diploma in Business Computing

Local Polytechnic qualifications.

For details of exactly which courses leading to the PCDL are available in your area, please contact your local Polytechnic

To apply for your PCDL, please email Vivienne Wetere or contact your local polytechnic

Box 11-050, Hamilton. Telephone +64-7-856 1916, Facsimile +64-7-856 1912 email viviennew@wave.co.nz