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Tables of Contents of Previous Issues of JACIT

Volume 1, Issue 1, 1997

   Donald Joyce

Tools to Toys: a Continuum Created out of Constancy amid Change
   Tim Albertson, Stuart Selwood

Learning in the 21st Century: What, Where and How?
   Stephen M Alessi

The Importance of Standards
   Ian Armstrong

Development of a Research Culture by New Zealand Polytechnics: Information Technology and Applied Information Systems Degrees
   Noel Bridgeman

Computer Nostalgia: It Ain't What it Used to Be
   Peter Brook

Telelearning at Aotearoa Polytechnic: A Possible Scenario
   Barbara Chamberlain

Quality Control Expert System: A Project Review
   Tony Clear

Impact of the Information Age on New Zealand
   Nicola Heal

Skeleton Programming for Beginners
   Donald Joyce

The Ethical Understanding of New Zealand Information Technology Students
   David Kinraid

Use of CAL for Technical Programming Concepts
   Chris Power

Telelearning: A Canterbury Case Study
   Lydia MacKinnon

Fonts Preferred by Learners Using a Computer Program on an IBM Compatible Machine
   Daphne Robson

Move on Nostradamus: There's a New Age Approaching
   Roderick Sims

How well can a Third Generation Database Implement Data Modelling Issues?
   Austin Walls. Warren Turner, Amanda Hansen

Teaching 3GL Languages Beyond 2001: A Prognosis
   Kevin Wilkinson

Volume 2, Issue 1, 1998

   David Kinraid

Computer Mediated Course Delivery
   Tim Brennan

Vocational Education via Electronic Information Distribution: Case Study Taumarunui
   Noel Bridgeman, Leonie Bridgeman, Irene Davey

Delivery of a Qualification in a Global Marketplace: Aspects for Consideration
   Nicola Conley

Teaching Introductory Programming to Non-Traditional Students Using Visual Basic
   Dan Hawthorn, Donald Joyce

Date Routines and the Year 2000
   Peter Henry, Tim Albertson, Leo Homes

Measuring Aptitude for Computing in an Evolving Educational Environment: Some Preliminary Results
   Donald Joyce

Flexible Learning for a Flexible Workforce: An Experience of Introducing Flexible Delivery
   Carol Kelly, Jason Simons, Sharon Partington

The Teaching and Learning of Programming: Which Parameters are Local and Which Global?
   Lydia MacKinnon

AI and IT
   Malcolm McQueen

Women in Computing: What does the Data Show?
   Linda Selby, Ken Ryba, Alison Young

Rows, Isles or Peninsulas? An Analysis of Computer Laboratory Layouts in Schools
   Tim Albertson, Stuart Selwood

Promise and Peril of Business on the Internet
   Peter M Stevens

Prototyping a Variety of Delivery Methods Using Internet Technologies on a File Server
   Mike Verhaart

Software That Grows On You: Biological Analogies for Object-Orientation
   Kevin Wilkinson

New Zealand Polytechnic Business Computing Programmes Graduate Profiles
   Tony Clear (Ed.)

Volume 2, Issue 2, 1998

Team Collaboration on a Newly Developed Module
   Brian Adamson, Krassi Petrova

Technical Skills in Software Development: The Responsiveness of an IS Degree Programme to Changing Industry Needs
   Erzsebet Bekesi, Michael Hanson

Beyond the Boundaries of the Classroom and on the "Net": Identifying the Critical Success Fact
   Barbara Chamberlain

Introducing the NZQA National Diploma in Computing Level 5: Lessons from the Field
   Carol Kelly

A Collaborative Approach to Teaching Fractions Using Multimedia
   Donald Koh, Elizabeth Thurston

Decision Support for Environmental Accreditation
   Samuel Mann, Ian Brown

Relational Database Representation of Real World Phenomena
   Samuel Mann, Malcolm McQueen

Easing the Administration Burden in an Information Technology Department at a Polytechnic
   Mae McSporran

Management of Electronic Data in Business Organisations
   Helen Mitchell

Incorporating Internet Distributed Computing into the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Programmer
   Mohammed Samaka

Deployment of Asynchronous Transfer Mode Technology in New Zealand
   Hira Sathu, Ken Surendran, David Liddell

Volume 3, Issue 1, 1999

Building a New Zealand Information Systems Case Study Research
   Erzsebet Bekesi

PJ300 Moderated: Eight Years On
   Noel Brldgeman

Collaboration in Research: Providing Vehicles for Research Outputs
   Jim Cater, Tony Clear, Alison Young

The Development of a Peer Marking System for Group Assignments
   Neil Comins, Peter Fitzgibbon, Raewyn Boersen

The Impact of Unit Standards on Assessment and Workload in a Polytechnic Centre
   Glennis Goodwill

Human-Computer Interactions: Implications For Research and Practice
   K. Asoka Gunaratne

Persuading Programming Students to Collaborate with Users
   Dan Hawthorn

Technology and Business Processes
   Helen Mitchell

Issues in Object Construction and Initialisation
   Roger Nokes

On Choosing Jade for High-Level Object-Oriented Courses
   Chrls Power

Multimedia without Macs: a Case Study of Multimedia on a Shoestring
   Irene Toki, Sarah Snell

Collaborative Teaching in Computers for Nursing
   Alison Young, Donelle Doherty

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2000

Internet Access: The Challenges and Opportunities in the Learning Environment
   Helen Atkinson Fleming, Tracey Ackroyd Findlay

Easing Delivery Workload: Improving the Assessment of Systems Analysis Units on Degree Programmes
   Erzsebet Bekesi, David McCurdy

Student Computing Projects at Taranaki Polytechnic: Changing Requirements in the Move From NDBC to BApplS
   Noel Bridgeman

Improving Business Productivity with Groupware and Knowledge Management: What it Means for IT Education
   Gay Costain

Women in an Alien Environment
   Barbara Crump, Keri Logan

The Object of Visual Programming
   Graeme Foster

The TRUTH, the Whole Truth, AND/OR NOThing but the TRUTH
   Gordon Grimsey

Gooey Spaghetti: A Return to the Dark Ages
   Dan Hawthorn, Chris Power

Problem Solving Networks: A Tool for Diagnostic Assessment
   Donald Koh

A Rural Network Using Existing Electric Fencing
   Samuel Mann, Peter Brook, Bruce Partridge

Teaching Electronic Commerce: An Information Technology Infrastructure Design and Management Approach
   Krassie Petrova

Role-play Cases for Teaching Information Systems Interview Skills
   Hazel Taylor

Component Software and Learning to Cook with it
   Kevin Wilkinson

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2001

The Internet Market of Tertiary Students: A Pilot Investigation of the New Zealand Situation
   Hanoku Bathula, Ian Chaston, Greg Wilson

Making Effective Use of Internet Technologies and New Media: Challenges and Strategies for NZ Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology
   Trish Brimblecombe

Using WEB Based Groupware for Active Student Feedback in the Learning Environment
   Tony Clear

Teaching the Capturing of Functional Requirements in Use Cases
   Gay Costain

Taonga On Line: Managing and Preserving Culture in a Digital Age
   Trish Evans, Kevin Wilkinson

The Catchcry: "We're Computing Students - Why Do We Have To Learn Business Skills?"
   Glennis Goodwill

On-line Teaching Using an Electronic Forum in Distance Education
   John Steven Green, Craig Graham Eves

Helping Cheats Prosper
   Dan Hawthorn

The (il)lITterate Accountant
   Bevan Knox, Laura Hopkins, Pam Malcolm

Integrating A Knowledge Based Guidance System with Multiple Objective Decision Making
   Jie Lu, Mohammed Quaddus

Degrees of Information Technology in New Zealand Vocational Institutions
   Samuel Mann, Keith Cowan

Aptitude Testing as a Predictor of Success: the Christchurch Experience
   Janne Ross

Identifying Strategic Industry Partnerships
   Ken Surendran, Alison Young

Trends in Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: An Industry Perspective
   Alison L Young, L. Senadheera, A. G. (Tony) Clear

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2001

One Prescription - Diversified Delivery: Tailoring Delivery Methods to Student Aptitude
   Ed Corbett

Remote Remedies: Challenges When Teaching On-line
   Ross Dewstow, Mae McSporran, Stuart Young

Use of Embedded Applications in Automatic Loop Tuning
   Andy Doonan, Cbris Cox

Who Said You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks? A Study of SeniorNet in New Zealand
   Kay Fenton, Pam Malcolm

What You Should Know about Database Marketing?
   Asoka Gunaratne

Why Do They Do It? What Can We Do? The Contextual Realities of Cheating in Information Systems
   Judy Le Heron

What the Students Learn: Learning through Empowerment
   Samuel Mann, Nell Buissink-Smith

A Language Model Based Optical Character Recogniser (OCR) for Reading Incidental Text
   Malcolm McQueen, Samuel Mann

ICT, the Information Economy and Education
   lain Morrison

Assessment: Central to Learning
   Beryl Plimmer

Help Desk: Providing Students with Real-life Experiences
   Garry Roberton, Robin Holdsworth

Crashing a Bus Full of Empowered Software Engineering Students
   Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann, Nell Buissink-Smith

Teaching Software Engineering in a Practical Way
   Ken Surendran, Frank H. Young

Information Systems Development Practice in New Zealand
   Hazel Taylor

Volume 6, Issue 1, 2002

Strategic Management Information Systems: Issues, Concerns and Strategies for Success
   Mehdi Asgarkhani

Women Computing Students - Going against the Grain?
   Deirdre Billings

Met a Researcher? Research Paradigms among those new to Research
   Tony Clear, Alison Young

Towards Interface Design for Older Users
   Dan Hawthorn

Interface Proxy Classes in Object-Oriented User Interface Design: An Extension to the Model-View Architect
   Dr Roger Nokes

A Course Design For Flexible Learning
   Krassie Petrova

Student Satisfaction: A Method for Exploring Quality Factors Within Computing Education
   Margot Postema, Selby Markham

Network Security: A Layered Approach
   Hira Sathu

Space Enough and Time: Accommodating Special Data Types
   Kevin Wilkinson

E-nabling E-Iearning
   Alison Young

Automating Course Management via the Web
   Ron Zucker, Jeanne Zucker

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2003

Computer Simulations: An Overview of its Applications and a Review of Network Simulation Products
   Mehdi Asgarkhani

Web Assisted Teaching and Learning: A Study of Current Trends and Issues for Future Consideration
   Mehdi Asgarkhani

Games and Activities as a Delivery Tool in Information System Classes
   Bridie Atkins

Incorporating and Implementing Industry Certification Material in Pre-Existing Tertiary Courses
   Bridie Atkins

Did they Fail or were they Pushed? Student Retention and Success Initiatives in Tertiary Education
   Deirdre Billings

TEAC Research Funding Proposals Considered Harmful: ICT research at Risk
   Tony Clear

From Microsoft to Open Systems: Converting a Third Year Web Application Development Course to an Open Systems Platform
   Stephen Corich

A Java Virtual Sound Environment
   Andrew Eales

Writing Software for Genome Sequence Characterisation
   Tim Hunt, David Musgrave

ICC and CC(I): Twelve Years of Introductory Computing Certificates
   Donald Joyce, Deirdre Billings, Neil Comins, Kay Fenton, Mae McSporran

Online Teaching Demands Hands-On Commitment
   Caroline King, Mae McSporran

Congestion Control Policies in ATM Networks
   Samad Kolahi

Recognising the Bad Eggs
   Mike Lopez

Data, Data Everywhere
   Tineke Manford

VM Technologies and their Application in the Delivery of ICT
   William McEwan

What, Why, Who and How of Designing for Effective Online Learning
   Carmel McNaught

Making Software Design Applicable
   John McPhee

Business Registries
   lain Morrison

Expanding the Understanding: Transactions and Security Awareness for eBusiness Students
   Krassie Petrova, Rowena Sinclair

Introducing Programming: A Balanced Approach
   Christine Prasad, Kay Fielden

Strategic Information Systems Planning in a NZ Polytechnic: A Case Study
   David Skeltob

A Design Paradigm for Wearable Computing
   Rene Smit, Samuel Mann

Soft or Hard Boiled: Relevance of Soft Skills for IS professionals
   Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Danette Whitehouse

UNOS Operating System Simulator
   Zhong Tang

Toward the Autonomous Learner: A Design Approach
   Nick Wempe

ICT Research at the Grassroots: A National Network for Research and Innovation
   Andy Williamson, Samuel Mann

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2004

SoDIS SEPIA: Collaborative Partnerships in Software Engineering Research
   Tony Clear, Roger McHaney, Don Gotterbarn

Nga Iwi o Ngapuhi membership system: Relationship management and relational design
   Radka Charkova, Aimee Lin, Tony Clear, Tess Lomax

SME business modelling advice for client-server application developers
   Ken Eustace

Educational value of e-Iearning in conventional and complementary computing education
   Ken Eustace

Evaluating Capstone Project Coordination and Supervision with a Maturity Model: A Comparative Case Study
   Kay Fielden

No-Fear assessment: Progressive mastery of programming courses
   Oliver Hoffmann

Using SoDIS for target audience analysis: a fresh field application
   Donald Koh

Community computing hubs: Reducing the barriers to ICT access?
   Andrea McIlroy, Barbara J Crump

Understanding help desks: A Hawke's Bay study
   Allister McLay

Southeastern Transports: An Analysis and Design Case
   David Naugler, Ken Surendran

Use Cases and Traceability: a Marriage for Improved Software Quality
   Robert Roggio

Applying Rubrics Assessment in Undergraduate Computer Science Education
   Margot Schuhmacher, Selby Markham

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2005

Open Source Software Development as a Complex Adaptive System: Survival of the Fittest?
   Albert van Aardt

To Use or Not to Use: Investigating Web Methodologies
   Frina Albertyn

Working Collaboratively for Change: Towards Information Literacy
   Barbara M. Chamberlain, Lorette Rayner

Implementing Relationship Constraints in 00 Programming Languages
   Andrew Eales and Rhys Owen

Venturing into Murky Ground: Teaching, Testing and Evaluating Critical Reflection
   Kay Fielden

What are Good Websites and How Does Advertising on Them Influence Brand Evaluations and Advertisement Recall
   K. Asoka Gunaratne

Challenging the Rules: A Case Study
   Adrian Hargreaves

A Dynamic Manifest For Effective Online Learning
   Albert Ip and Iain Morrison

The Model-Theoretic Conception and Modelling Knowledge
   Steve McKinlay

Volume 10, Issue 1, 2006

Participation in IT Training - The Perceived Skill Gaps
   Crystal Chan, John Paynter

Using Simulations in Teaching Systems Analysis Case Studies
   Colin L. Dyer, Michael J. Mullany

Implementing the Observer Pattern
   Andrew Eales

Data Gathering Dilemmas: Postgraduate Experiences.
   Kay Fielden

Refining the SoDIS Process in the Field: A COTS Project as a Context for Risk Analysis
   Choon-Tuck Kwan, Leo Hitchcock, Tony Clear, Donald Gotterbarn, Stuart Simpson

Exhibiting reality: collaboration in practice
   Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith

Insisting on Best of Practice within Capstone Projects
   Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith

Ostrich or Eager Beaver: To Embrace or Reject New Technologies?
   Karen Phillips

A SWOT Analysis of Introducing Practical Assessments in Introductory Programming
   Christine Prasad

Status of Wireless Networks in Educational Institutes in Auckland
   Steinar Rudsar, Donald Joyce, Sam Kolahi

Security Issues that Arise in IEEE 802.11x and 3G Wireless Networks
   Avinash Shridhar, Donald Joyce, Sam Kolahi

A Comparison of Two Assessment Methods Used to Evaluate an Individual's Performance in Group Work.
   Michael Verhaart, Kim Hagen, Owen Giles

A Taste of Honey - UCE (Spam) Reduction through Deception
   Nick Wallingford

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2007

An Exploratory Study into the Impact of NACCQ Published Research
   Tony Clear, Alison Young

Probabilistic Estimation of Software Project Duration
   A.M. Connor

Multi-choice Question Assessment with Time delay
   Tim Hunt, Rosanne Matheson, Derek Christie

Transferring Technologies Cross Culturally: The Role of SoDIS
   Savae Latu

VOIP: Possibilities for Savings
   Hira Sathu, Noel Bridgeman, Shalaka Salvi

Developing Quality Assurance Metrics for Assessment Design
   Elozor Shneider, Olga Gladkikh

Structured Work Placements: creating an Internship Option within the Capstone Project Course
   David Skelton, Allister Mclay

Characterising the Agile Methods
   Diane Strode

The Difficulty with Programming Involving Teaching and Learning in Introductory Programming
   Gerard van de Ven, Elly Govers

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2008

A Case Study of Desired Attributes for Success within the ICT Sector
   Mehdi Asgarkhani, Jun Wan

A Future for Robots in Schools: Fact or Fantasy?
   Elizabeth Bridgeman, Noel C Bridgeman

Teaching Web Application Development: Microsoft Proprietary or Open Systems?
   Stephen Corich

Using Game Scenarios for Teaching Novice Programmers
   Minjie Hu

Mifrenz: Safe email for Children
   Tim Hunt

Towards a Framework for a Code Review Process
   Xiaosong Li, Donald Joyce

Where's the Bling of the Thing? Ethics, Gaming and PBL
   Diane P. McCarthy

Longitudinal Study of Linux Networking in NZ Industry and ITP Education
   Dileep Rajendran

The virtualMe, an Integrated Virtual Teacher Framework
   Michael Verhaart

Volume 13, Issue 1, 2009

Using Decision Making Methods for e-Process Selection
   Frina Albertyn

Cooperative Industry Projects in Tertiary ICT Qualifications: Factors that Impact on Success of International Students
   Mehdi Asgarkhani, Jun Wan

Computer Science Unplugged: School Students Doing Real Computing Without Computers
   Tim Bell, Jason Alexander, Isaac Freeman, Mick Grimley

Reflecting on Postgraduate Completions
   Kay Fielden

A Citation Analysis of the New Zealand Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology 1997-2009
   Donald Joyce

Facilitating Learning by Using Problem-based Learning
   Alister Macgregor, Trevor Nesbit

E-Learning Technology Gaps
   Hira Sathu, Ranjana Shukla

Beyond Content: Engaging Students in Tertiary Foundation Courses in Information Technology
   Rosemary Stockdale, Judy Le Heron, Dave Parsons

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2010

   Donald Joyce

ICT Capstone Projects: 'the edge of chaos'
   Sue Chard, Brenda Lloyd, George Tongariro

Managing ICT in Large New Zealand Secondary Schools
   Robert Douglas

Natural or Artificial Primary Key? Using the Mifrenz children's email application as a case study.
   Tim Hunt

WarDriving Auckland: A Survey of WLAN Security in the CBD of Auckland
   Thomas Laurenson

Do Computing Students have a Different Approach to Studying?
   Mike Lopez, Denise Clarkson, Willem Fourie, Dobrila Lopez, Kirsten Marais

Next Generation Project Management Simulation: Feature Refinement
   Aaron Steele