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Paper submissions

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Paper submissions

JACIT accepts papers for publication that are directly related to the scope of the Journal and which might from time to time address special areas of interest that we highlight. Discussions on research in progress and emerging research will be considered...

Authors please note that the Journal is primarily designed as a vehicle to publish Applied Computing papers principally from New Zealand, related to Information Technology (IT), IT education or cite New Zealand based IT research or researchers.

The Journal is primarily designed as a vehicle to publish Applied Computing papers principally from New Zealand, but we do consider international papers that would be of interest to our readers, particularly if related to education, or that refer to the work of New Zealand researchers.  If you are submitting a paper in this category, could you briefly outline how your paper meets this criteria.

We do accept papers that have been modified or updated from published elsewhere, such as in conference proceedings. However, these papers need to be substantially modified (at least 25% of content). On submission authors are expected to provide a copy of the original published paper and a statement of how the paper has been changed/revised.

Please include the following statement in your email when submitting your paper for consideration:

This paper is submitted with the understanding that it has not been published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication.

Submissions considered for publication in JACIT may be checked using Turnitin in order to confirm originality.

Submissions should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words, and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. We strongly advise you to use this template as it will assist the editors. Any associated digital assets may be given to us separately as gif, jpg or png files (as separate attachments or in a google drive folder); and the maximum image width is 600 pixels.

Poster Paper/Poster submissions

As a way to disseminate emerging research JACIT is happy to accept high quality poster papers and associated posters for publication. The posters/poster papers will be peer reviewed by two expert reviewers to determine their suitability for publication. Posters and poster papers that have been previously published are not eligible, however posters that have been modified by at least 25% can be submitted with acknowledgement, this may be as a result of feedback. Examples of poster/poster papers may be those presented (and not published) in a Doctoral Consortium, a symposium, a Workshop, or presented as an assessment. They are to provide a discussion or description of an information technology (IT) research project or IT related project. Please refer to the template for details in how to submit a poster paper/poster.

APA style referencing

Academic work demonstrates its value and originality by grounding in the literature and the submission should include references appropriate for the kind of work - following an accepted style (preferably APA Version 7). Whilst it is not critical to be overly pedantic, refer to our quick APA summary or for guidance.


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