Qualifications Focus Group:


Aim statement:

  • To promote and support the development, delivery and quality of CITRENZ computing and information technology modules and qualifications plus any local qualifications (levels 4-6).
  • To co-ordinate CITRENZ input into the development and maintenance of unit standards and qualifications in the field of computing and information technology on the National Qualifications Framework and to support member institutions assessing such units.


The Qualifications Focus Group will support the maintenance and delivery of qualifications by:

  • Develop new framework and qualifications L4 and above
  • Maintain CITRENZ curriculum and qualifications
  • Provide support for non-CITRENZ qualifications
  • Liaise with Industry to ensure currency of curriculum Incorporate vendor qualifications into the CITRENZ curriculum
  • Support High School qualifications
  • Computing + X (breadth of computing)
  • Work with the CITRENZ Academic Committee on matters of quality assurance


  • Rod Fear (Chair WITT)
  • Damian Adamski (Te Wananga o Aotearoa)
  • Hamish Smith (Otago)
  • Ian Hunter (Weltec)
  • Rob Oliver (CPIT)
  • Guss Wilkinson (Wintec)