Certificate in Computing (CIC)



CIC is an entry level qualification in Computing and Information Technology and is equivalent to NZQA Level 3. It is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of basic computing concepts and to develop some skills in computing.
Graduates of this programme may then enrol on further programmes of study in the field of computing and information technology or other fields, or may choose to gain computing-related employment.


New Zealand Qualifications in Information and Communications Technology – Regulations Word

Certificate in Computing – Prescription Modules

Module Code Module Name PDF Document
AP310 Word Processing
AP320 Databases (flat-file)
AP330 SpreadSheets
AP340 Desk-Top Publishing
AP350 Presentation Software
AP360 Graphics
AP370 Accounting Package
AP380 Project Management
BS230 Mathematics for Computing
BS260 Ergonomics
BS310 Written Communication
BS320 Interpersonal Communication
BS325 Professional Practice
BS340 Business Environment
BS370 Accounting Introduction
EC320 E-mail and Internet
EC330 Working Collaboratively
HS310 Hardware
HS320 Software
HS330 Networks
SD310 Programming A
SD320 Programming B
SD340 Multimedia
ST320 Special Topic