2021 Proceedings

The 12th Annual
Conference 2021
Wellington, New Zealand.

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Full Papers (Peer Reviewed)
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Work Integrated Learning in Information Technology:
Reflections from a Public Institution
David Weir, Bernard Otinpong, Eduardo Correia, Arifah Addison, Phillip Roxborogh, & Amit Sarkar 8
The Cloud, the Curriculum and the Classroom:
A Case Study at one Public Tertiary Institution
Shayle Tasker & Eduardo Correia 17
Power Supply Dynamics for Outdoor IoT Sensors Steve Cosgrove, Mathew Way, & Ann Way 25
Forming Teams for Cybersecurity and Cyber-Forensics Operations
Using Individual Profiling
Prashant Khanna & Chris Baker 49
A Comparative Study of Cross-platform Mobile Application Development Dongliang You & Minjie Hu 66
Presentation Abstracts (Quality Assured)
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Virtual and Blended Learning in a Post-Covid World Steve McKinlay 77
Test Driven Development Will Make Your Database Deployments Hassle Free Amit Sarkar, Alister Macgregor, & Robert Oliver 79
Studio in the Bachelor of IT Elise Allen, Joy Gasson, Martin Junek, Vaughn Malkin, & Paul Admiraal 80
A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Automation Testing
Frameworks for Web-Application Testing
Binh Nguyen Van & Minjie Hu 82
Mental Health Disorders among People with Dementia:
How Technology Can Support in their Well-Being
Geri Harris & Sayan Kumar Ray 84
Decolonising Computing Education Mawera Karetai and Samuel Mann 86
Is Web Application Security Really Important to You? Adesh Pednekar 87
Application Testing in the Agile (CI/CD) world Adesh Pednekar 88
Towards Mitigating Privacy Concerns in Camera-based Fall Detection Techniques Bo Zhang, Sreenivas Sremath Tirumala, & Sayan Kumar Ray 90
IT Educators beyond COVID – One Year On Samuel Mann & Hamish Smith 92
Why don’t Girls Study IT? Redressing the Gender Imbalance
in the Information Technology Sector
Arifah Addison & Bernard Otinpong 93
A Proof-of-concept Study of a System for Querying
Homomorphically Encrypted Educational Data
Sandeep Vankadari & Manish Singh 94
Reviewing Use of Collaboration and Video Conferencing Software
on the Timaru Campus of Ara Institute of Canterbury
Frina Albertyn 96
Selection and Adoption of Tools for Analytics and Business Intelligence:
An Exploratory Study
Lanxin Yu & Trevor Nesbit 97
The Landscape of Computing: Benchmarking ITP Computing Degrees Alison Clear 100
Investigating Social VR-based Student Presentations Brad Taylor, Noor Alani, & Emre Erturk 102
Panel: What Computing Programmes and Research Should Look Like
to Support Te Pūkenga
Dobrila Lopez, Emre Erturk, Samuel Mann, & Amit Sarkar 105
Workshop: Gaining Entry to Real Settings with Bridging Design Prototypes Gloria Gomez 106
Workshop: Using Data Science Tools and Techniques for
Creating and Maintaining a Passive Investment Portfolio
Arthur Do Valle 107
Workshop: Global Benchmarking and Visualising of ITP degree programs Alison Clear 108
Poster Papers (Editorial Review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Ara Smart Campus Mobile Prototype App Stella Fu & Bernard Otinpong 110
Ara Smart Campus Ariel Evangelista & Bernard Otinpong 112
The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns on the Learning and Teaching of
Tertiary Learners at Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Terry Jeon, Clement Swarnappa, & Richa Panjabi 114
Holographic Innovation at Christchurch International Airport Sarah Ball, Bernard Otinpong, & Luofeng Xu 116
Developing a Mobile Application for Ara’s Artworks Joshua Undrill & Bernard Otinpong 118
A Model for Designing Instructional Resources for
Teaching MS Project Across Several Courses
Maria Elena Villapol, Nicole Hunt, Jossie Zambrano, & Maria Alejandra Ramirez 120
Acoustic Features of Dysphonic Speech vs Normal
Speech in New Zealand English Speakers
Maryam Erfanian Sabaee & Hamid Sharifzadeh 122
Research on the Application and Implementation Method of
Augmented Reality Game-based Learning with Disabilities
Hailin Wang & Dobrila Lopez 124
Factors Affecting E-learning Acceptance Liviya Thomas & Dobrila Lopez 125
An IOT Internship Using MQTT and AWS Binny Tandon & Emre Erturk 126

2020 Proceedings

The 11th Annual
Conference 2020
Virtual, New Zealand.

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Paper Abstracts (Quality Assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Applying Constructive Alignment to the Delivery of Information Systems Courses Phillip Roxborogh & Sarah Snell 8
Applying the International Project Management Association Baseline Phillip Hamm & Kim Hagen-Hall 9
Automation in a Lab Network Brett Davidson, Ed Correia, & Marcus Jhuo 10
Case Study of Using SCRUM Framework to Teach OOP Concepts Daniel Dang 11
Contextualising an eBusiness Course During COVID-19 Lockdown Trevor Nesbit 12
Cross-disciplinary Interactions in Work-integrated Learning Sunitha Prabhu & Aidan Bigham 13
Equitable Access to Higher Education Action Research Study Scott Morton & Marta Vos 15
Evaluating Scrum for Managing Vote-counting System Implementation Joshua Masangkay & Kim Hagen-Hall 16
Getting to Know Your Neighbourhood During Lockdown David Weir 18
How to Teach Test Automation in Software Testing Minjie Hu & Tony Assadi 20
Implementation of a Mini MVC-based Framework to Teach Web App Development Daniel Dang 22
Improved Feature Selection and Ensemble Learning for Cervical Cancer Assessment Noor Alani & Rajib Hassan 23
IT Educators Beyond COVID Samuel Mann, Hamish Smith, Rachel Trounson, Tom Flannagan, Bob Gilmore, Neil Benson,
Matthias Otto, Sandra Dyke, Eddie Correia, Oras Baker, Anita Murphy, John Mumford, Ken Sutton
Medical Emergency Response System for Elderly People Alex-John Clark, Mohit Rajesh Modi, Md Akbar Hossain, Sayan Kumar Ray & Garry Singh 26
Mobile App Development Course During Lockdown Bernard Otinpong 28
Sentiments Analysis of the Feedback from a Business Simulation Game Ram Roy 30
Teaching Beginners Android Application Development Minjie Hu, Tony Assadi, & Chalinor Baliuag 31
Ten Years on – an Analysis of the Conference Proceedings of CITRENZ 2010-2019 Adon Christian Michael Moskal, Krissi Wood, Joy Gasson, & Grayson Orr 34
Traffic Management Prototype based on Computer Vision for Vehicle Detection Gabrielle Bakker-Reynolds, Emre Erturk, & Istvan Lengyel 37
Using Blockchain and Tokens for Education: Fad or Here to Stay? Emre Erturk (with additional guest George Tan from SIT) 38
Workshop and Presentation: Designing the Peer Mentoring Model for International Students Dobrila Lopez 40
Workshop only: What is Lean Six Sigma and how it may improve your business performance Arthur Do Valle
Workshop only: Process Mining: a special type of Data Mining to discover, check and
improve your business processes
Arthur Do Valle

2019 Proceedings

The 10th Annual
Conference 2019
Nelson, New Zealand.

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Full Papers (Quality Assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
It Takes a Village: A Collaborative Approach to Online Course Design and Development Catherine Snell-Siddle & Sarah Snell 9
Analysis of Morepork Vocalizations Recorded Using a Permanently Located Mobile Phone Tim Hunt, Mark Nikora, & Chris Blackbourn 14
Mapping Changing Professional Identity during Graduate IT Education Jamie Vaughan, Sam Mann, & Alison Clear 20
Teaching Mobile App Development: Choosing the Best Development Tools in Practical Labs Daniel Dang & David Skelton 26
Towards a Method and a Guiding Tool for Conducting Process Mining Projects Arthur Valle, Cleiton dos Santos Garcia, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Gilberto Aleces dos Santos, & Edson Emilio Scalabrin 32
An Overview of Multi-Controller Architecture in Software-Defined Networking Amir Hossein Moravejosharieh, Michael Watts, & Kourosh Ahmadi 39
Cultivating Student Leadership in the Flipped Classroom Sunitha Prabhu 46
A Novel Approach to Secure Microservice Architecture from OWASP Vulnerabilities Oras Baker & Quy Nguyen 54
A Good Case Study of Teaching All OOP Principles in a Single Solution and Expansion to Solve Similar Problems Daniel Dang 60
Benchmarking a Machine Vision Image Classifier Implementation on FPGA Using Binarized Neural Networks Firas Al-Ali, Thilina Gamage, Hewa Nanayakkara, Farhad Mehdipour, & Sayan Ray 66
Evaluation of IT Service Desk – A Case Study Michael Bosu, Diab Abuaiadah, Prashant Khanna, Sophia Nepia, & Duncan Palmer 73
Pathway to 5G – Challenges at a Cellular Level Sudish Balakrishnan & Samuel Ekundayo 81
Risks of Using Naïve Approaches to Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study Riley Hunter & Sunitha Prabhu 86
Room for Improvement: Revisiting the Learning Space Kathryn MacCallum, Ian Purdon, Thomas Hartley, & Daniel Dang 91
Support Staff Perceptions of a Student Peer Mentoring Programme Dobrila Lopez, Emre Erturk, Sreedath Ikarath, &Samuel Ekundayo 97
SQL and PL-SQL: Analysing teaching methods Sunitha Prabhu & Sapna Jaidka 103
Supplementary Papers (Editorial Review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Developing a Model of Educational Innovation Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann, Neil Benson, Mark Caukill, Hanif Deylami, Sandra Dyke, Tom Flannagan, Bob Gilmore, Donna Kennedy, Alister Macgregor, John Mumford, Matthias Otto, Rachel Trounson, Stuart Campbell, Eddie Correia, & Christopher Bartlett 109
Programming a Microcontroller to Drive a Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ Washing Machine Motor to Power a Go-Kart Andy Fendall 120
Teaching the Internet of Things in PTEs: Opportunities and Challenges Narayan Nepal & Hans Smeets 123
Designing and Improving the H-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Better Data Transmission for Emergency Services Rizwan Ahmad & Ila Vala 128
Position Papers (Abstract/Presentation Only)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Adoption of Cloud Computing by SMEs: Revisiting the Risks and Benefits Trevor Nesbit & Daniel Sidabutar 132
Intelligent Systems in an Applied Computing Qualification Ian Purdon, John Jamieson, & Stephanie Day 133
The Avocado Pincer– towards Giving Git/GitHUB a Better Squeeze Todd Cochrane & Neil Benson 135
Zooming Around the Country: The ROVE Ahead? Trevor Nesbit, Joanne Fraser, Adam Hollingworth, Fiona Hollingworth, & Jeremy Robertson 139
Poster Papers (Editorial Review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Tailoring the Cybersecurity Framework How to Overcome the Complexities of Secure Live Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing Hanif Deylami 141
Smart Campus Visualisation Bernard Otinpong, Luofeng Xu, & David Weir 142
Web Design Project at Tamatea Rugby Club Michael Steiner & Emre Erturk 143
Search Engine Optimisation Project at Koru Enterprises Zoe Gordon & Emre Erturk 145
Mobile Application for Te Ha Waitaha Sarah Ball & Bernard Otinpong 146
AFL Assistant – an Appetite for Life Prototype App Laurence Gresham & Bernard Otinpong 148

2018 Proceedings

The 9th Annual
Conference 2018
Wellington, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
A Prototype Robot as an Example of Creative Repurposing of Accessible Technologies Sadia Afrin & John Calder 9
Modelling Tertiary Students’ Flow Experience in a Mobile Learning Environment Chris Arasanmi, Aliyu Abdullateef, & Samuel Ekundayo 18
Digital Divide Experiences from the Chatham Islands Stephanie Day 22
A Case Study of Using Scrum in Teaching Software Process Minjie Hu, Sandra Cleland, & Aaron Steele 30
Evaluating Student Support Systems for International Information Technology Students Michael Watts, Shuaib Memon, & Rakesh Kumar 36
Supporting Maori Language Learning using Augmented Reality Kathryn MacCallum & John Jamieson 41
Is change on the horizon for Maori and Pacifica Female High School Students When it comes to ICT? Scott Morton, Marta Vos, & Petrea Redmond 46
“Internet of Things” as a Capstone Project: Reflections on an Educational Initiative Adon Christian Michael Moskal, Thomas Laurenson, & Nathan Rountree 55
Use of Facebook to Enhance Student Engagement in Undergraduate Higher Education Trevor Nesbit, Angela Martin, & Melisa Chan 59
From Reference-desk to Help-Desk: The Crossover Between Library Services and Information Technology Services David Skelton & Lee Olsen 66
A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Applied to the Indigenous IT Artefact Construction Kevin Shedlock & Marta Vos 73
Divers IT y: Putting Gender on the Agenda Catherine Snell-Siddle & Sarah Snell 80
Comprehensive Learning Incorporating Ako – a Tertiary Education Approach at Wintec Arthur Valle, Prashant Khanna, & Sunitha Prabhu 86
Continuing Professional Development: Returning to Study with Work-Based Learning Jamie Vaughan, & Samuel Mann 91
An Overview of Multimedia QoS in SDN-Enabled IP Networks Amir Hossein Moravejosharieh, Michael Watts, & Kourosh Ahmadi 99

Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Expanding Business Intelligence Using Internet Data Frina Albertyn, Harjeet Hanjra, Sai Charan Guttikonda, Abhilash Gandluri, & Akhil Sangoi 106
Web Intelligence in Tourism: User Experience Design and Recommender System Oras Baker, Anita Murphy, & Tajveer Nijjar 110
Making IT Occupations More Attractive to Maori: Key factors from the Literature Mark Van der Klei, Tyron Love, Trevor Nesbit, & Lloyd Carpenter 114
Comparison of Windows and Linux as Docker Hosts Sebastian Pfaller & Thomas Hartley 121
Rich Picture Systems Mapping of Capabilities and Learner Journeys Hamish Smith, David Cartman, Philippa Keaney, Dax Roberts, Samuel Mann, Mark Caukill, 125

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Teaching Agile in Business Analyst Education: Course Design and First Experiences Andreas Drechsler 133
Designing Wellness Mobile Apps Sarita Pais 135
Persuasive Mobile Application: Enhancing Student E-Learning Experience Heba Farooq, Md Athar Imtiaz, & Alaa Aljanaby 137
Environmental Sensors with Mosquitto & Python, with other Dangerous Components Steve Cosgrove & Andrew Hornblow 139
The Emerging Trends and Challenges of Software Testing in Curriculum Premalatha Sampath 141
An IT Business Intelligence Internship: Hardware Project at DataNow Martin Bischofer & Emre Erturk 143
Information Technology Jobs in Auckland: Where and What are They? Vikas Vontari and Alison Clear 144
Technical Consultant Internship at Sysdoc Jack Waayer & David Skelton 146
Prediction of Credit Card Clients’ Payment Status Xiaojun Lu, Adrian Hargreaves, & Sara Bilal 147
Cost Effective Sustainable Private Cloud William Hannon, Emre Erturk, & David Skelton 149
Web Application (PWA) Design and Development for Chinese Restaurant Fuqiang Wang, Todd Cochrane, & Craig Nicoll 150
Self-Service Analytics and Its Implementation Kelvin Dong, Todd Cochrane, & Kimberley Tuapawa 152
Applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Yu Chen, Todd Cochrane, & Kimberley Tuapawa 154

2017 Proceedings

The 8th Annual
Conference 2017
Napier, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Mind the Gap: IT skills shortage – could cadets make the jump? Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle 10
Towards Effective Writing Partnerships Between Humans and AI David Hyland-Wood, Anna Harrison, Ben Kolera 16
Industry Blended Cyber Education Graeme Legg 22
Internet of Things: Survey, Observations & Future Campbell Rehu, Firas Al-Ali 28
Pair Programming as a Teaching Tool Premalatha Sampath 37
Accelerating Academic Acculturation and the Development of Self-directed Learning Capability through Online Simulation Jonathan Sibley, Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Rebekah Dinwoodie 44
Reflections on the use of Agile practices and associated tools in university settings for an Android project Elijah Zolduoarrati, Adriaan Lotter, Kevin Michael, Rohullah Mohammadi, Nick Alessi, Sherlock A. Licorish 50
Intelligently derived features that influence students’perceptions on e-textbooks Neda Abdelhami, Dios Cabiling, Michael J. Watts, Kar Wen Choe 58
Student Impressions of Laptops for Information Technology Students Michael J. Watts, Dios Cabiling, Kar Wen Choe 64
Reducing the Gap between OOP Design and Development Minjie Hu, Aaron Steele 70
MOODLE: An Analysis of Its Utilisation, Benefits,Problems and IT Support as Perceived by IT Students Diosdado L. Cabiling, Jr., Rakesh Kumar, Kar Wen Choe, Michael J. Watts 76
Using Python to Create Formative Assessment Simon Burt 82
The Efficacy of Staircasing IT Programmes for the Benefit of Our Community Sue Chard, Tony Assadi, Steve Cosgrove, Simon Dixon, Manu Katene, Lisa Patterson, Sue Scott, Iwan Tjhin 87
Conceptions of Teamwork and Feedback among International Students Dobrila Lopez, Michael Lopez, Emre Erturk, Jonathan Sibley 94
In Search of a Strategy for Security in the Cloud Eduardo Correia, Bernard Otinpong 100
Rapid Modelling Process for Considering Community Collaborations in IT Education Hamish Smith, Chris McCarthy, Tom Flannagan, Lesley Smith, Rachel Trounsen, Phoebe Eden-Mann, Nathan Rountree, Todd Cochrane, Samuel Mann, Ken Sutton 104
Exploring Augmented Reality in Education Viewed Through the Affordance Lens Kathryn MacCallum, John Jamieson 114

Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Implementing and Evaluating a Framework for Industry-Focused ICT Education Alaa Aljanaby, Md. Athar Imtiaz, Chris Mitchell 122
How a Video’s Production Impacts Student Engagement Neil Benson, Craig Nicoll 128
Towards a Model for Adoption of APODs in Large Lectures Trevor Nesbit, Billy O’Steen, Tim Bell 134
He Kakano: a story of growth Dean Huakau, Rickie Kewene, Samuel Mann 148

Position Papers (Abstract/Presentation Only)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Case Study: Implementing a Blockchain Using Microsoft Azure Ian Purdon 154
Social Media as a coping tool for nostalgic international students in New Zealand Samuel Ekundayo, Adesayo Adelowo 155
Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Māori Values in IT Sadia Afrin, Alison Hunter (Supervisor) 157
Applying DMAIC to a Campus-wide Wireless Network Ben Manning, Eduardo Correia 160
Short Courses Initiative of Aspire2 International: Game Development as a Case Study Keunhong Kim, Ahmad Mashayekh, Md Athar Imtiaz, Alaa Aljanaby 162
Te Tiriti O Waitangi – Impact on IT Soham Sarkar, Alison Hunter 164
Documentation in Agile Software Development Teams Anchal Gupta, Premalatha Sampath 166
My Shopping Buddy – a Mobile Application for Diabetics Bernard Otinpong, Luofeng Xu 168
Agile Testing Practices in Academia Premalatha Sampath 170
UCOL BICT Network Internship Rupert Woodroffe, Sandra Cleland, Graeme Richards 172
Computer games as a therapy tool for psychological and emotional disorders Sam Carlyle, Chris McCarthy 174
The Classroom of the Future Tom Outram, Chris McCarthy 176
Heavy Engineering Research Association Internship David Skelton, Tobias Kick 179
Minimizing Synchronization in Parallel Nested Loops Reza Rafeh, Mohammad Hossein Roosta 180
Google Classroom Amandeep Kaur, Emre Erturk 183
What is the vision for AI education resources? How well is it currently being met? Robert Iles, Emre Erturk 186
Custom Data Solutions Internship Mark Smith, Emre Erturk 188
ERP System Upgrade for New Zealand Casing Company Limited Brian Vest, Ian Purdon 189
E-learning in New Zealand Undergraduate Medical Education: Trends and Directions Heba Farooq, Md Athar Imtiaz,Alaa Aljanaby 191
Uptake of Wearable Technology on New Zealand Healthcare Gopal Dongal, Michael Verhaart 194
Adopting Open Source to implement DevOps toolchain for SMEs in New Zealand Hong Shi, Michael Verhaart 196
A SaaS-Based SCM Solution for New Zealand Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
in Retail-Related Sectors
Susumu Mahara & Michael Verhaart 198
An IT Software Development Internship: Programming Project at Red Jungle Andrew Percy, Kim Hagen-Hall 200
Successful Test management is Based on Test Coverage and Test Traceability Jose Midhun, Kim Hagen-Hall 201
Agile Methodologies in Global Software Development Santiago Obrutsky, Kim Hagen-Hall 203
The Presbyterian Support Central Wi-Fi Network Deployment Ian Hunter, Alan Lyford 205
Augmented Reality in Early Childhood Literacy Mayank Kumar, Kathryn MacCallum 207
Design & Development of Mobile Learning in Workplace Training for the Logistics
Amanda Price, Kathryn MacCallum 209

2016 Proceedings

The 7th Annual
Conference 2016
Wellington, New Zealand.

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  • Entire Proceedings:
Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Experiential Learning for improving student engagement Kabas Albakry,Alistair Hookings,Tanveer Hossain 9
Reflections on Developing Programmes of Study Eduardo Correia 17
Self-tracking over time: The FITBIT® phenomenon Stephanie Day 21
Beyond Wi-Fi: Using mobile devices for gxLearning in the field Stephanie Day & Michael Verhaart 27
Digitally Tika, Digital Natives: Digital Needs and Education of the Pehiaweri Marae Tema Fenton-Coyne, Luke Tomes & Nigel Studdart 34
Software Development Team Views of Success Factors in Agile projects Dipendra Ghimire, Stuart Charters & Shirley Gibbs 39
Predicting the Academic Performance of International Students on an Ongoing Basis Binglan Han & Michael J. Watts 48
University Students Expectations of NZQA Levels Dobrila Lopez & Mike Lopez 54
Utilising Historic Interplay and the Avant Gard Theory to Support to Narratives for New Susan Scott 61
Quick Response codes in an educational environment Nick Wallingford 69
A Student Laptop Roll-out for International Information Technology Students Michael Watts, Kabas Albakry, Kar Wen Choe, Binglan Han, Alistair Hookings, Havea Fonua, Rakesh Kumar, Kourosh Ahmadi, & Sione Keu’u 76
Enhancing students’ IS offshoring capabilities: An international blended teaching concept Markus Westner, David Skelton & Johannes Tinat 81

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Influence of Globalization and E-Business on Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Bibek Chhetri Dhami & Michael Verhaart 91
We’re only human: Understanding personality, anxiety, and computer self-efficacy Lynda Corner & Michael Verhaart 94
Quantifying the Self: Ultra Athletes Acceptance and Use of Activity Tracking Technologies Stephanie Day & Michael Verhaart 96
Is that what they said? An automated reference finder Tim Hunt 98
Mining NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review Data Tilottama Karnik, Shafiq Alam, & Sarita Pais 100
Online eLearning in Tertiary Education Graeme Legg & Ian Mitchell 102
From reference desk to help-desk: The effects of technological change on the academic library Lee Olsen & Michael Verhaart 104
Impact of Cybercrime on SMEs Kateryna Petrova& Marta Vos 106
Identifying of the CSFs for CRM system implementation in Russian enterprises Robin Raju & Michael Verhaart 108
Perceptions of Pair Programming: Boon or Bane? A student survey Premalatha Sampath 110
Connecting Maori to their past through Virtual World Computing: Re-visiting pre-European contact using immersive realities in New Zealand Kevin Shedlock 113
Data and Process Modelling: Investigating the gap between education and industry expectations in New Zealand Vandana Taneja & Mali Senapathi 115
Sharing information using Internal Communication and Business Intelligence: A Healthcare perspective Aaron Turpin & Michael Verhaart 117
The Framework for IS Curriculum Design Andrew Zaliwski & Sarita Pais 119

Supplementary papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Use of personas in education – A case study of development of core competencies Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Rachel Trounsen,Tom Flannagan, Diane McCarthy, & Ken Sutton 123

2015 Proceedings

The 6th Annual
Conference 2015
Queenstown, New Zealand.


Michael Verhaart Amit Sarkar
Emre Erturk Rosemarie Tomlinson
  • Table of Contents:
  • Entire Proceedings:
Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Capstone Project Course Framework and Individual Grading Formula Kabas Albakry – Alistair Hookings 11
Feasibility of Mapping IT Programs and Courses to IT Skills Frameworks Mehdi Asgarkhani, Bernard Otinpong, & Peter Nock 16
Implementing Video on Demand within Higher Education: A literature review Neil Benson 22
“Tell me more about programming”: The PC4G Intervention Raewyn Boersen & Alison Hunter 28
Aye, aye Captain: Voice active bots in a maritime MUVE Todd Cochrane & Niki Davis 33
Integrating Cloud and Mobile Technologies in Experiential Learning: From Reality to Reflection Stephanie Day, & Michael Verhaart 38
Developing Agile Skills in IT Courses: Perspectives and Progress Emre Erturk & Kathryn Mac Callum 45
Pragmatism not Passion: Adult Women decide on an ICT Career Alison Hunter & Raewyn Boersen 49
A Definition for a Sustainable Computing Educator William Liu, Michael Goldweber, & Tony Clear 55
BYOD Perceptions and Reality Kathryn Mac Callum, & Stephanie Day 60
Thinking algorithmically- searching for a pedagogy Diane P. McCarthy & Chris McCarthy 67
Teaching and Learning perspectives on Numbers Systems within a first year tertiary IT course John Mumford 74
Preparing Students for Agile Projects and Requirements Engineering Prioritisation Techniques Sarita Pais 80
An Inquiry into Agile and Innovative User Experience (UX) Design Ella Patterson, & Emre Erturk 84
Cybercrime concerns and readiness for New Zealand businesses 2014-2015 Dax Roberts, & Henry B. Wolfe 88
Utilising Soviet Montage Theory to Consider Future Narratives, Designed For New Technologies Susan Scott 94
ICT Capstone Projects and Internships: Analysis of Work Environment Characteristics Aaron Steele & Sandra Cleland 101
Financial Capability of ICT and Business Students Aaron Steele & Elizbeth Dalzell 107
Web Technology Usage of Leading New Zealand Websites Aaron Steele & Richard Dargie 114
Web and Social Media Adoption in the Manawatu Retail Clothing Sector Aaron Steele, Lorraine Smith & Anne Steele 119
Using Wikipedia for Language Learning Shaoqun WU, & Ian H. Witten 124

Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Use of Smart Phone Applications and Purple Shirts to Enhance Student Engagement in Large Lectures? Trevor Nesbit, Billy O’Steen, & Tim Bell 133

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
RFID Based Race Time Tracking System Don Amila, Rushdi Fazil, Ferenc Szucs, Scott Morton, & Dax Roberts 139
Lightwork Client Upgrade Project Stefan Andres Charsley & Aaron Steele 141
Role of Information Technology in denial of education: An underground university perspective Tony Omid Assadi, & Brenda Lloyd 143
Protecting private data in telecommunications by increasing data security and privacy in New Zealand Vaidyanathan Balasubramanian, & Michael Verhaart 145
Educational Development Centre Internship 2015 Charlene Bannister, Stephanie Day, & Michael Verhaart 147
Website and Wholesale Business Module Development Project Aseem Bapat, Khaja Mazher Hussain, Scott Morton, & Dax Roberts 148
Business Process Management (BPM): Analysis of effectiveness in organizations and efficiency in integration with service management Raveesh Baskaran, & Michael Verhaart 150
Security in Cloud Computing: Measures to Protect Sensitive Customer Data in the Cloud Sunil K. Bedi 152
Web and Mobile Application MS Southland Ajinkya Bhosale, Jimmy Huy, Spack Dong, Scott Morton, & Sam Zhao 154
AnyNet – Affordable solution for small businesses Jeff Chen, Dmitrii Shliaga, & Scott Morton 156
Software Defined Networking: Last against the wall Steve Cosgrove 158
ICY Vision-Contextual Awareness for the Visually Impaired Ernest Cunningham, Daniel Grey, Stacy Mc Lean, & Ian Hunter 160
Cross-Team Communication in Application Development Benjamin Denham, & Rosemarie Tomlinson 162
Technical Support and Provisioning Rep Internship: NOW NZ LTD Natasha Drew & Emre Erturk 164
Assisted Living: Domestic Power Monitoring utilising Home Automation Products and Cloud Storage Andy Fendall, Tim Hunt, Dileep Rajendran, & Mark Nikora 165
Timetable Application for SIT Vet Nursing Travis Hubber, Angelo Obus, Daniel Shepherd, Nick Campbell, & Scott Morton 167
Learning Health and Safety Requirements for KSLG Volunteers Andrew Hull, & Michael Verhaart 169
Gel Polish Nail Training Sharon James, & Michael Verhaart 171
The impact of pair-programming on entry level information technology students Terry Jeon, & Ian Hunter 173
Current smartphone’s security issues and its impact on society Er. Kamal Jyoti, & Michael Verhaart 175
Creating an IT Strategy for a Dispersed Organization Jonathan Kerr & Emre Erturk 177
Factors influencing cloud enterprises resource planning system adoption in New Zealand small and medium enterprises Arun Krishnan, & Michael Verhaart 178
Adolescent IT and Social Media Use: Parental Awareness, Concern and Monitoring Anita Murphy, Sean Brown, & Dax Roberts 180
Application of Agile and PRISM Project Management Methodologies on Manufacturing Batteries for Mobile Phones Bryan Randy Panopio, Muhammed Salman, & Alison Clear 182
Importance of Business Analyst in ICT projects in New Zealand Desmond .A. Rodrigues, & Michael Verhaart 184
The Emerging Role of Software Testing in Curriculum Premalatha Sampath 186
Testing New Zealand Bush Environment Using Simulation Tools Chandan Thakur, & Steve Cosgrove 188
Examining Risks in ERP Projects: Mixed Indigenous \ Euro-Centric Methodological Considerations Mark Van der klei, Trevor Nesbit, & Tyron Love 190
SME Technology Spotlight: Capturing G-Readiness and sustainability innovation in NZ’s powerhouse Dee Verhaart, & Michael Verhaart 192
Learning English with FLAX Apps Alex Yu & Ian H. Witten 194
3D Authoring Tool for Blended Learning Andrew Zaliwski, & Karishma Kelsey 196

2014 Proceedings

The 5th Annual
Conference 2014
Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Table of Contents:
  • Entire Proceedings:
Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Embedding Indigenous Accelerated Learning Techniques into Programming Damian Adamski 29-34
Techniques for Aligning IT Education with Industry Demand Mehdi Asgarkhani, Alison Clear 35-39
Framing IT Capstone Development Projects with Design Science Research principles Clare Atkins 40-44
DevShops: Bridging the gap between Academia and the real world Sandra Cleland 45-54
Teaching and Assessing Database Concepts using GIS Richard Dargie, Aaron Steele 55-60
A Critical Inquiry: Teaching Systems Analysis and Design Beyond 2015 Emre Erturk 61-66
Examining the Role of Mathematics in the IT Curriculum Joy Gasson 67-72
Factors Influencing the Adoption of Moodle at Te Wananga o Aotearoa Tane Randell Kaka 73-79
When Innovation Fails: Methods for Collection of Student Feedback Darrell Love, Karen Love, Patricia Haden, Joy Glasson 80-84
The role of activism in ICT for Sustainability Samuel Mann,Shane Gallagher,Nell Smith 85-93
The Game’s the Thing: Levelling up from Novice Status Diane P. McCarthy, Rob Oliver 94-97
Exploring the Application of Agile Principles to Tertiary Computing Education Mary Proctor, Lesley Smith, Ken Sutton, Chris McCarthy, Clare Atkins, Hamish Smith, Neil Benson, Matthias Otto, Sam Mann, Rachel Trounson, Sandra Dyke, Craig Nicoll 98-105
Staying LinkedIn with ICT Graduates and Industry Aaron Steele, Sandra Cleland 106-109
The Cloud Assessment Learning Environment Aaron Steele, Tony Rickards 110-116
Student Mentors in ICT Education Aaron Steele, Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle 117-121
Adoption of Computer Science in NZ schools Tim Bell, Heidi Newton, Caitlin Duncan, Sam Jarman 203-209
Electrical Circuit Creation on Android Deqin David Xu, Michelle Hy, Simar Kalra, David Yan, Nasser Giacaman,
Oliver Sinnen


Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Introductory Programming and Educational Performance Indicators – a Mismatch Alison Clear, Tony Clear 123-128
Using Mobile Apps to Enhance Student Engagement in Large Lectures Trevor Nesbit, Bill O’Steen, Tim Bell 129-132


Invited Presentations
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Invited Presentations


Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Microsoft Private Cloud Infrastructure Sarath Abhilash, Alison Clear 134-135
City-Wide Energy Meter Robert Attfield, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 136-137
Project Kaka: Mobile OCR and GPS Daniel Bathurst, Trevor Nesbit 138-139
Cloud computing adoption concerns within organizations Sunil K. Bedi 140-141
Generation Z, no more holding down the (E) button to complete a task: Neil Benson, Sam Zhao, Todd Cochrane 142-143
E-learning Environments: Are our students e-ready? Tina Blumenthal, Michael Verhaart 144-145
Student Support Hannah Carey, Karyn Costello, Stephen Sugrue, Paul Admiraal,Samuel Mann,Lesley Smith 146-147
Blended Learning: Is it Time to Share? Neale Catchpole 148-149
Peer Reviewed Screencasting as an Assessment Mark Caukill, Clare Atkins 150-151
Achieving the optimum business strategy – project management alignment in ICT projects in New Zealand. Suraj Chande, Michael Verhaart 152-153
Carradale Manor Web Development Project Michael Dewar, Trevor Nesbit 154-155
Sexuality Road Adam Herd, Paul Admiraal, Sam Mann 156-157
V4You Application for Dementia Patients Sruthi Jacob, Sajeeva Merin Sunny, Alison Clear 158-159
Impact of Mobile Technology in CRM-Underlying issues Mohankumar Kandavel, Michael Verhaart 160-161
V4U Website for Dementia Patients Kamaljeet Kaur, Tejender Pal Singh, Alison Clear 162-163
The Detection of Distinct Gestures by a Pebble Smartwatch Loki Kristianson, Alison Clear 164-165
Assessment Rubrics in NZ Tertiary Education Graeme Legg, Premalatha Sampath 166-167
A Distributed Framework for Community Analysis in Social Networks Jiamou Liu, Ziheng Wei 168-169
Farm Scape Sean Matheson, Whetu Taita, Joshua Hawkhead, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 170-171
Cameras on Boats John Maxwell, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 172-173
Computer Gaming and the Positive Effects on Mental Health Bernard McBrearty, Chris McCarthy 174-175
Redevelopment of a Health and Safety Intranet Toolkit: A Student Internship Nicholas Murphy, Trevor Nesbit 176-177
Swarmtech Daniel Murphy, Adam Bazley, Braydon Waayer, Andrew Gardner, Wesley Chase,Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann, Tom Clark, Patricia Haden 178-179
Compliance and Data Sovereignty Issues on Cloud Technology Vignesh Palanisamy, Michael Verhaart 180-181
Development of an Optimal Wireless Network Solution to Connect Jagdees Pillai, Steve Cosgrove, Dr. Diane Strode 182-183
SpreadHelp Phillip Rooney, Hayden Smith, Dom S’Auvergne, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 184-185
City IT Portfolio Management Micheal Rosenbrock, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 186-187
Challenges in Teaching Test-Driven Development Premalatha Sampath 188-189
Windows 7 Upgrade Project – Student Internship Jody Sanders, Trevor Nesbit 190-191
The Computer Freehold Register; a user’s point of view Susan Scott 192-193
Publication Pathways: A Prototyping Project Gary Smith, Trevor Nesbit 194-195
Woodgate Software: High End Architecture and Prototype Ross Woodgate, Alison Clear 198-199
Database Replacement Project for Non Profit Art Organisation Susan Zhu,Susan Zhu 200-201

2013 Proceedings


The 4th Annual

Conference 2013

Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Table of Contents:
  • Entire Proceedings:
Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
How Fascinating! An entrepreneurial learning initiative Clare Atkins 11-16
Teaching Database Concepts using Spatial Data Types Richard Dargie & Aaron Steele 17-21
Collaborative Development for Online Assessment Kay Fielden 22-27
The Global Game Jam for Teaching and Learning Allan Fowler, Foaad Khosmood, Ali Arya, & Gorm Lai 28-34
Technology-Rich Learning Environments in New Zealand ITPs Kamani M Gunawardena 35-41
Analysis of Prerequisites: Methodology and a Case Study Mike Lopez, Dobrila Lopez, Chris McCarthy & Robert Oliver 42-48
Staff and student perceptions of NZQA level expectations Mike Lopez & Dobrila Lopez 49-55
Students’ perceptions of work quality in a cooperative learning environment Mike Lopez & Dobrila Lopez 56-60
Videos Used To Supplement Student Learning: Does The Approach Matter? Kathryn Mac Callum 61-65
Software Implementation-Lessons to be learnt from the Novopay project Chris Mayhew, Samah Ridha & M Daud Ahmed 66-72
The odd one out: Gender imbalance in tertiary ICT education Scott Morton 73-81
Student mistakes in an introductory programming course Amitrajit Sarkar, Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, Robert Oliver & Luofeng Xu 82-85
Through the looking glass: Innovative interview experiences for ICT students Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell & Aaron Steele 86-90
Developing a Learning Tool for IT Education Rosemarie Tomlinson 91-96
Room for Improvement: the effect of changing learning spaces Michael Verhaart & Kim Hagen-Hall 97-104
Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
PBRF 2012 Outcomes: A CITRENZ perspective Alison Clear & Tony Clear 106-108
Crowdsourcing a Student Business Competition Samuel Mann, Steve Silvey & Nick Bryson 109-115
Enterprise Engine Samuel Mann & Alistair Regan 116-121
Enhancing Student Engagement by Student Presentations in Discussion Tutorials Trevor Nesbit & Angela Martin 122-129
Relationships in Community Engagement Hamish Smith , Arifah Addison, Ludwig Batuigas, Dave Bracken, Mark Caukill , Steve Cook, Joe Davy, Patricia Haden, Chris McCarthy, Shelley McNab, Samuel Mann, Scott Morton, John Mumford, Matthias Otto, Dale Parsons, Ken Sutton, Rachel Trounson, Andrea Whitney & Sam Zhao 130-135
A Pacific Collaboration Model: Whitireia New Zealand and Tupou Tertiary Institute George Tongariro & Fakasi ‘i’ eiki Viliami Finau 136-139
Invited Presentations
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Pre-degree Intervention Strategies to Support Student Learning and Success Graham Bidois & Jacqui Finlay 141
Novopay: Dilemmas in a Nearshore Outsourcing Project Failure Tony Clear 142
Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Internship: IT Trainer Alison Baker, Judith Engelbrecht & Catherine Snell-Siddle 144-145
Minecraft or Mindcraft? The Value of Online Games in Education Neil Benson & Sam Kilday 146-147
Add-Fun: PowerShell, a Soldering Iron, Some LEDs, a Synthesizer Dave Bracken 148-149
An IT Internship & Website Project at Heretaunga Intermediate School Linda Brown, Kathryn MacCallum & David Lunny 150-151
Evolving Project Management Teaching and Practice at Whitireia New Zealand Neale Catchpole 152-153
How Not to Sink a Ship: Vocational Education in 3DVWs Todd Cochrane & Roger Wincer 154-155
Dancing in the Cloud: Design for Dance Technology Collectives Todd Cochrane & Isabel Valverde 156-157
Wireless Network goes bush: Wifi in Zealandia Steve Cosgrove, Vihar Naik & Raman Johal 158-159
Keyboard Preferences: An Interactive Innovation Steve Cosgrove & Susan Scott 160-161
AquaFORCE: Realtime Multiplatform Mobile Development Carl Crawford, Fiorenzo Rutchman, Daniel Hampton & Samuel Mann 162-163
FarmBase: Supporting Agricultural Accreditation Adam Dempsey, Carson Arrowsmith, Sean Worner & Samuel Mann 164
Teaching IT Students to Write Literature Reviews Simon Dixon 166-167
Low-cost Rapid Authoring Tool for Moodle Quizzes Andy Fendall & Dileep Rajendran 168-169
Rouleur Carl Haddon & Samuel Mann 170-171
Head Office System-Web Application Upgrade David Hartell & Sandra Cleland 172-173
Programming Goes to School Nick Hines & Chris McCarthy 174-175
A Novel Spell Checking Algorithm for Non-Segmented Languages Tim Hunt, Blaine Rakena & Kevin Wang 176-177
Investigating the Impact of Pair-programming on Entry Level IT Students Terry Jeon & Kerese Manueli 178-179
INFO330-Applied Information Systems Project Anna Jones & Trevor Nesbit 180
ICT in Early Childhood Education Abin Joshi, Ravi Sanyal & Alison Clear 181-182
Using Apps Stores/Markets as a Tool to Provide Industry Knowledge Michael Lam & Sarita Pais 183-184
INFO330-Windows 7 Upgrade Project Edward Lang & Trevor Nesbit 185
Aligning Rubrics: Improving the Relevance and Quality of Higher Education Graeme Legg 186-187
Loci Android App Development Nick Little, Nicole Morris, Michael Smith & Samuel Mann 188-189
Web Site Evaluation: Towards a Validated Instrument Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 190-191
Web Site Evaluation: Participants’ Perceptions of Sites Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 192-193
Web Site Evaluation: Student Perceptions and Impact Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 194-195
Web Site Evaluation: Content Analysis of Comments Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 196-197
To Scroll or Not to Scroll: the age-old question Chris McCarthy 198-199
Towards Industry Focused Testing Courses John McPhee & Alison Clear 200-201
What’s Changed in a Decade of BIT Projects? Scott Morton 202-203
Living with Lync Peter Nock 204-205
Wordle-Visualising Student Feedback Peter Nock 206-207
Data Models for Information Systems Sarita Pais, Michael Lam & Jun Han 208-209
Are you OK? An Android application for assisted living Dileep Rajendran, Tim Hunt, Mark Nikora & Susan Bennett 210-211
Local Government ICT Portfolio Management Michael Rosenbrock & Samuel Mann 212-213
Teaching Quality Assurance and Testing at Level 8 Premalatha Sampath 214-215
Student Mistakes in Introductory Programming: Sample Problems Amitrajit Sarkar, Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, Robert Oliver & Luofeng Xu 216-217
New Technologies and Narrative Structures Susan Scott 218-219
Panda Island Darryl Sell, Chris Barbour, Matthew Norman & Samuel Mann 220-221
EcoExplore Mobile Framework Nathan Sime, Kieran McKewan, Adrian Cross & Samuel Mann 222-223
Business Continuity and the Cloud Bruce Swallow & Alison Clear 224-225
Private Cloud: A Teaching Case for a Multi-campus Systems Administration Course Iwan Tjhin 226-227
Odroids-A Level 2 Experiment George Tongariro 228-229
Robots Like Us: Robots That Work With or Beside People Aaron Venz & Chris McCarthy 230-231
Computer Service Company Internship Gerard Verhaart, Emre Erturk & David Skelton 232
Platforms and Possibilities for Teaching Cloud Computing Ricky Watson & Eduardo Correia 233-234
3D Printing Processes De-mystified Craig Welsh & Malcolm Wieck 235-236
An Holistic Approach To Skill Development Nick Wempe 237-238
HCI: Helping Southland Children with Special Needs Sam Zhao, Andrea Whitney & Ken Sutton 239-240
Improving the Learning Experience Dennis Ng & Kim Hagen-Hall 241
Internship at ALTO Packaging Hastings Grace Patterson & Kim Hagen-Hall 242

2012 Proceedings


The 3rd Annual

Conference 2012

Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Table of Contents:
  • Entire Proceedings:
Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Workload Implication of Integrated Assessment: a Case Study Kabas Albakry 9-13
Strategic Effectiveness of e-Learning: A Pilot Study Mehdi Asgakhani, Alison Clear 14-17
Certificate in ICT: Is it meeting the needs of the Stakeholders? Alison Clear, Chris McCarthy, Graham Moore 18-21
PBRF 2012 and the Nature of Degree Teaching Tony Clear, Alison Clear 22-26
Entrepreneurial process meets capstone project in a collaborative environment Huibert de Vries, Hugh Mack, Chris McCarthy, Mark Reilly, Trevor Nesbit 27-32
Enriching Student Learning Programming Through Using Kodu Allan Fowler 33-39
Evaluating the Distraction of ICT Devices in the Classroom Sam Goundar 40-47
Developing a Generic Framework for Constructing Visual Data Mining Tools Adrian Hargreaves 48-51
Learning Computer Networking Using Virtualization Tools Rakesh Kumar, Gurpreet Singh 52-55
Explore, Discover, Share, Discuss: A student centred approach to learning Dobrila Lopez, Mike Lopez, Martina Simpson 56-62
Enterprise in Education: a Model for Institutional Development Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Alistair Regan 63-68
Disillusionment and broken dreams: gaps between policy and reality for international students in New Zealand Chris McCarthy, Diane P. McCarthy, NaifZimahAlkatheri, Gil Soo Chung 69-74
Enhancing Engagement in Large Course: The Facebook Experiment Trevor Nesbit, Angela Martin 75-81
Employability of International Students Studying Information Technology SaritaPais 82-85
Relationships between Logic Depiction, UML Diagramming and Programming AmitrajitSarkar, Mike Lopez, Rob Oliver, Mike Lance 88-92
Building Student Communities with Social Media Lesley Smith, Patricia Haden, Samuel Mann 93-100
Students on the Staircase: an analysis of stair-casing students Aaron Steele, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell 101-104
Virtual World Adoption in Tertiary Education: A Review of Literature Kimberley Tuapawa, David Skelton 105-110
gxLearning, teaching to geographically extended classes Michael Verhaart, Kim Hagen-Hall 111-118
Enhancing Student Retention in Online Courses: Fact or Folly? Stephen C. Wingreen, Vanesa Tennant, Michael Moorman, Trevor Nesbit 119-126

Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
An Evaluation of the Computers in Homes (CiH) Programme in Porirua Tony Assadi 128
Visualizing the Rules of English Pronunciation Chris Burrell, Matt Melchert 129-130
myGreenFeat RikkiCalteaux, Brendon Coombes, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 131
Brain Computer Interfaces for gaming Richard Andrew Cattermole 132-133
Proposal for Sustainable Community Enterprise Joe Davy, Samuel Mann 134
Using Action Research Approach towards Implementing a Cloud Framework in a Polytechnic RohiniDutt 135-136
A GIS Experience in the Capital: EIT Internship Ben Greville, David Skelton 137
EIT Client Services – Help Desk Internship Gordon Hall, Stephen Corich, Andrew Madden 138
Is Cloud Computing Reliable and should we worry about security risks? Thomas Headifen 139
Assisted Living Tim Hunt, DileepRajendran 140
Customization of CMS Software for E-Learning Platform Implementation for Dentists Amit Ashok Kamble, Kevin Reynolds, Jimmi Rosa, Pablo Matamoros 141-142
SUMATO: A Survey Solution for the Education Sector Josh Klazinga, MaksymPodolian, Malcolm Wieck 143
SCRATCH – Nothing to Sniff At: Six Loops Implemented in SCRATCH Michael Lance, Rob Oliver, AmitrajitSarkar 144
Learning by Game Building: Implementing BaghChal Using JADE Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, AmitrajitSarkar, Rob Oliver 145
STARS App Garry MacLachlan, Matthew Bradley, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 146
Request for collaborators: SQUAWK Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Hamish Smith 147
Here be dragons Samuel Mann, Hamish Smith 148-149
Social good in DIY “Essay” Samuel Mann 150
Sounds Like Sustainable Computing Samuel Mann, Anton Angelo 151
Three Approaches to Developing Educational Apps for Mobile Devices Matt Melchert 152-153
Problem Based Learning using SCRATCH: Pattern Orientated Instruction Rob Oliver, AmitrajitSarkar 154
Desktop support technician at EIT IT Services Joe Raad, Emre Erturk 155
PowerSim: a discussion oriented modelling system Adam Randle, Vinnie Reid, Patricia Haden, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 156
STAR Courses: An Effective Marketing Tool, or a Community Service? Garry Roberton 157
Social Networking: Exploiting Online Technologies to Promote Research Outputs Garry Roberton 158
ICT Trends: Informing the ICT Community Garry Roberton 159
Tertiary ICT Enrolments and Job Vacancies: Reflecting on Trends Garry Roberton 160
Teaching Introductory Programming using SCRATCH: Learning by Game Building AmitrajitSarkar, Rob Oliver, Michael Lance 161
Audaciously Enterprising Students Kari Schmidt, Jessie McKay, David Wilson, Grant Dick, Steve Silvey, Samuel Mann 162
Citizen Science on the Rocky Shore Nathan Sime, Kieran McKewen, Adrian Cross, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 163
The Impacts of Social Networking on Work Environments MataarangiMakirere-Tata 164-165
Improved Collaborative Learning using Touch Screen IwanTjhin 166-167
Remotely Accessible SIP System: SME Telephony Network using Rapid Implementation IwanTjhin 168-169
Pacific Collaboration: IT Education between TTI and Whitireia NZ George Tongariro, ViliamiFakasi’i’eiki 170
KIWI WORLD: PC-Training our nation Kimberley Tuapawa, Emre Erturk 171
Improving Students’ Self-Regulation of Learning at Tertiary Level Malcolm Wieck 172