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The Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology is an online publication ofhe NACCQ.

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Welcome to BACIT and the upcoming C-JACIT!

BACIT is the online New Zealand Bulletin of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ), published through the NACCQ Research and Support Working Group.

This year (2010) NACCQ is changing its name to Computing and Information Technology Research and Education, New Zealand (CITRENZ). Up until this year it has published the scholarly Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology (JACIT). With the change of name the publications BACIT and JACIT will merge to form C-JACIT with the next editions published under the dual banner until 2012 (to maintain the Journal ranking for New Zealand's Performance Based Research Fund).

CITRENZ (ex. NACCQ)  hosts an Annual conference - now in its 22nd year.

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BACIT - Call for Papers

The Call for Papers. We welcome research papers, research and project reports and opinion pieces on computing theory and practice, on ICT education, and ICT innovation and development.

Are you interested in contributing a paper to BACIT? Contact the Executive Editor Michael Verhaart (, or the Associate Editor Krassie Petrova (

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BACIT - Background

The aim of BACIT is to provide a New Zealand based forum for work in progress and scholarly writings in computing, with a strong focus on the application of information and communications technologies to our everyday world - whether this is business, education or society in general. BACIT invites contributions from interested researchers, including postgraduate students. International contributions may be considered based on whether the content would be of interest to BACIT readers. BACIT is a place where experienced contributors as well as new writers can publish and share ideas, and learn from the experience. All submissions to BACIT are reviewed through a process of blind review, by the reviewer members of the Editorial Board.

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