2021 Proceedings

The 12th Annual
Conference 2021
Wellington, New Zealand.

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Full Papers (Peer Reviewed)
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Work Integrated Learning in Information Technology:
Reflections from a Public Institution
David Weir, Bernard Otinpong, Eduardo Correia, Arifah Addison, Phillip Roxborogh, & Amit Sarkar 8
The Cloud, the Curriculum and the Classroom:
A Case Study at one Public Tertiary Institution
Shayle Tasker & Eduardo Correia 17
Power Supply Dynamics for Outdoor IoT Sensors Steve Cosgrove, Mathew Way, & Ann Way 25
Forming Teams for Cybersecurity and Cyber-Forensics Operations
Using Individual Profiling
Prashant Khanna & Chris Baker 49
A Comparative Study of Cross-platform Mobile Application Development Dongliang You & Minjie Hu 66
Presentation Abstracts (Quality Assured)
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Virtual and Blended Learning in a Post-Covid World Steve McKinlay 77
Test Driven Development Will Make Your Database Deployments Hassle Free Amit Sarkar, Alister Macgregor, & Robert Oliver 79
Studio in the Bachelor of IT Elise Allen, Joy Gasson, Martin Junek, Vaughn Malkin, & Paul Admiraal 80
A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Automation Testing
Frameworks for Web-Application Testing
Binh Nguyen Van & Minjie Hu 82
Mental Health Disorders among People with Dementia:
How Technology Can Support in their Well-Being
Geri Harris & Sayan Kumar Ray 84
Decolonising Computing Education Mawera Karetai and Samuel Mann 86
Is Web Application Security Really Important to You? Adesh Pednekar 87
Application Testing in the Agile (CI/CD) world Adesh Pednekar 88
Towards Mitigating Privacy Concerns in Camera-based Fall Detection Techniques Bo Zhang, Sreenivas Sremath Tirumala, & Sayan Kumar Ray 90
IT Educators beyond COVID – One Year On Samuel Mann & Hamish Smith 92
Why don’t Girls Study IT? Redressing the Gender Imbalance
in the Information Technology Sector
Arifah Addison & Bernard Otinpong 93
A Proof-of-concept Study of a System for Querying
Homomorphically Encrypted Educational Data
Sandeep Vankadari & Manish Singh 94
Reviewing Use of Collaboration and Video Conferencing Software
on the Timaru Campus of Ara Institute of Canterbury
Frina Albertyn 96
Selection and Adoption of Tools for Analytics and Business Intelligence:
An Exploratory Study
Lanxin Yu & Trevor Nesbit 97
The Landscape of Computing: Benchmarking ITP Computing Degrees Alison Clear 100
Investigating Social VR-based Student Presentations Brad Taylor, Noor Alani, & Emre Erturk 102
Panel: What Computing Programmes and Research Should Look Like
to Support Te Pūkenga
Dobrila Lopez, Emre Erturk, Samuel Mann, & Amit Sarkar 105
Workshop: Gaining Entry to Real Settings with Bridging Design Prototypes Gloria Gomez 106
Workshop: Using Data Science Tools and Techniques for
Creating and Maintaining a Passive Investment Portfolio
Arthur Do Valle 107
Workshop: Global Benchmarking and Visualising of ITP degree programs Alison Clear 108
Poster Papers (Editorial Review)
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Ara Smart Campus Mobile Prototype App Stella Fu & Bernard Otinpong 110
Ara Smart Campus Ariel Evangelista & Bernard Otinpong 112
The Impact of Covid-19 Lockdowns on the Learning and Teaching of
Tertiary Learners at Wellington Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Terry Jeon, Clement Swarnappa, & Richa Panjabi 114
Holographic Innovation at Christchurch International Airport Sarah Ball, Bernard Otinpong, & Luofeng Xu 116
Developing a Mobile Application for Ara’s Artworks Joshua Undrill & Bernard Otinpong 118
A Model for Designing Instructional Resources for
Teaching MS Project Across Several Courses
Maria Elena Villapol, Nicole Hunt, Jossie Zambrano, & Maria Alejandra Ramirez 120
Acoustic Features of Dysphonic Speech vs Normal
Speech in New Zealand English Speakers
Maryam Erfanian Sabaee & Hamid Sharifzadeh 122
Research on the Application and Implementation Method of
Augmented Reality Game-based Learning with Disabilities
Hailin Wang & Dobrila Lopez 124
Factors Affecting E-learning Acceptance Liviya Thomas & Dobrila Lopez 125
An IOT Internship Using MQTT and AWS Binny Tandon & Emre Erturk 126