2020 Proceedings

The 11th Annual
Conference 2020
Virtual, New Zealand.

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Paper Abstracts (Quality Assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Applying Constructive Alignment to the Delivery of Information Systems Courses Phillip Roxborogh & Sarah Snell 8
Applying the International Project Management Association Baseline Phillip Hamm & Kim Hagen-Hall 9
Automation in a Lab Network Brett Davidson, Ed Correia, & Marcus Jhuo 10
Case Study of Using SCRUM Framework to Teach OOP Concepts Daniel Dang 11
Contextualising an eBusiness Course During COVID-19 Lockdown Trevor Nesbit 12
Cross-disciplinary Interactions in Work-integrated Learning Sunitha Prabhu & Aidan Bigham 13
Equitable Access to Higher Education Action Research Study Scott Morton & Marta Vos 15
Evaluating Scrum for Managing Vote-counting System Implementation Joshua Masangkay & Kim Hagen-Hall 16
Getting to Know Your Neighbourhood During Lockdown David Weir 18
How to Teach Test Automation in Software Testing Minjie Hu & Tony Assadi 20
Implementation of a Mini MVC-based Framework to Teach Web App Development Daniel Dang 22
Improved Feature Selection and Ensemble Learning for Cervical Cancer Assessment Noor Alani & Rajib Hassan 23
IT Educators Beyond COVID Samuel Mann, Hamish Smith, Rachel Trounson, Tom Flannagan, Bob Gilmore, Neil Benson,
Matthias Otto, Sandra Dyke, Eddie Correia, Oras Baker, Anita Murphy, John Mumford, Ken Sutton
Medical Emergency Response System for Elderly People Alex-John Clark, Mohit Rajesh Modi, Md Akbar Hossain, Sayan Kumar Ray & Garry Singh 26
Mobile App Development Course During Lockdown Bernard Otinpong 28
Sentiments Analysis of the Feedback from a Business Simulation Game Ram Roy 30
Teaching Beginners Android Application Development Minjie Hu, Tony Assadi, & Chalinor Baliuag 31
Ten Years on – an Analysis of the Conference Proceedings of CITRENZ 2010-2019 Adon Christian Michael Moskal, Krissi Wood, Joy Gasson, & Grayson Orr 34
Traffic Management Prototype based on Computer Vision for Vehicle Detection Gabrielle Bakker-Reynolds, Emre Erturk, & Istvan Lengyel 37
Using Blockchain and Tokens for Education: Fad or Here to Stay? Emre Erturk (with additional guest George Tan from SIT) 38
Workshop and Presentation: Designing the Peer Mentoring Model for International Students Dobrila Lopez 40
Workshop only: What is Lean Six Sigma and how it may improve your business performance Arthur Do Valle
Workshop only: Process Mining: a special type of Data Mining to discover, check and
improve your business processes
Arthur Do Valle