2019 Proceedings

The 10th Annual
Conference 2019
Nelson, New Zealand.

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Full Papers (Quality Assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
It Takes a Village: A Collaborative Approach to Online Course Design and Development Catherine Snell-Siddle & Sarah Snell 9
Analysis of Morepork Vocalizations Recorded Using a Permanently Located Mobile Phone Tim Hunt, Mark Nikora, & Chris Blackbourn 14
Mapping Changing Professional Identity during Graduate IT Education Jamie Vaughan, Sam Mann, & Alison Clear 20
Teaching Mobile App Development: Choosing the Best Development Tools in Practical Labs Daniel Dang & David Skelton 26
Towards a Method and a Guiding Tool for Conducting Process Mining Projects Arthur Valle, Cleiton dos Santos Garcia, Eduardo Alves Portela Santos, Gilberto Aleces dos Santos, & Edson Emilio Scalabrin 32
An Overview of Multi-Controller Architecture in Software-Defined Networking Amir Hossein Moravejosharieh, Michael Watts, & Kourosh Ahmadi 39
Cultivating Student Leadership in the Flipped Classroom Sunitha Prabhu 46
A Novel Approach to Secure Microservice Architecture from OWASP Vulnerabilities Oras Baker & Quy Nguyen 54
A Good Case Study of Teaching All OOP Principles in a Single Solution and Expansion to Solve Similar Problems Daniel Dang 60
Benchmarking a Machine Vision Image Classifier Implementation on FPGA Using Binarized Neural Networks Firas Al-Ali, Thilina Gamage, Hewa Nanayakkara, Farhad Mehdipour, & Sayan Ray 66
Evaluation of IT Service Desk – A Case Study Michael Bosu, Diab Abuaiadah, Prashant Khanna, Sophia Nepia, & Duncan Palmer 73
Pathway to 5G – Challenges at a Cellular Level Sudish Balakrishnan & Samuel Ekundayo 81
Risks of Using Naïve Approaches to Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study Riley Hunter & Sunitha Prabhu 86
Room for Improvement: Revisiting the Learning Space Kathryn MacCallum, Ian Purdon, Thomas Hartley, & Daniel Dang 91
Support Staff Perceptions of a Student Peer Mentoring Programme Dobrila Lopez, Emre Erturk, Sreedath Ikarath, &Samuel Ekundayo 97
SQL and PL-SQL: Analysing teaching methods Sunitha Prabhu & Sapna Jaidka 103
Supplementary Papers (Editorial Review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Developing a Model of Educational Innovation Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann, Neil Benson, Mark Caukill, Hanif Deylami, Sandra Dyke, Tom Flannagan, Bob Gilmore, Donna Kennedy, Alister Macgregor, John Mumford, Matthias Otto, Rachel Trounson, Stuart Campbell, Eddie Correia, & Christopher Bartlett 109
Programming a Microcontroller to Drive a Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ Washing Machine Motor to Power a Go-Kart Andy Fendall 120
Teaching the Internet of Things in PTEs: Opportunities and Challenges Narayan Nepal & Hans Smeets 123
Designing and Improving the H-Shaped Microstrip Antenna for Better Data Transmission for Emergency Services Rizwan Ahmad & Ila Vala 128
Position Papers (Abstract/Presentation Only)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Adoption of Cloud Computing by SMEs: Revisiting the Risks and Benefits Trevor Nesbit & Daniel Sidabutar 132
Intelligent Systems in an Applied Computing Qualification Ian Purdon, John Jamieson, & Stephanie Day 133
The Avocado Pincer– towards Giving Git/GitHUB a Better Squeeze Todd Cochrane & Neil Benson 135
Zooming Around the Country: The ROVE Ahead? Trevor Nesbit, Joanne Fraser, Adam Hollingworth, Fiona Hollingworth, & Jeremy Robertson 139
Poster Papers (Editorial Review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Tailoring the Cybersecurity Framework How to Overcome the Complexities of Secure Live Virtual Machine Migration in Cloud Computing Hanif Deylami 141
Smart Campus Visualisation Bernard Otinpong, Luofeng Xu, & David Weir 142
Web Design Project at Tamatea Rugby Club Michael Steiner & Emre Erturk 143
Search Engine Optimisation Project at Koru Enterprises Zoe Gordon & Emre Erturk 145
Mobile Application for Te Ha Waitaha Sarah Ball & Bernard Otinpong 146
AFL Assistant – an Appetite for Life Prototype App Laurence Gresham & Bernard Otinpong 148