2018 Proceedings

The 9th Annual
Conference 2018
Wellington, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
A Prototype Robot as an Example of Creative Repurposing of Accessible Technologies Sadia Afrin & John Calder 9
Modelling Tertiary Students’ Flow Experience in a Mobile Learning Environment Chris Arasanmi, Aliyu Abdullateef, & Samuel Ekundayo 18
Digital Divide Experiences from the Chatham Islands Stephanie Day 22
A Case Study of Using Scrum in Teaching Software Process Minjie Hu, Sandra Cleland, & Aaron Steele 30
Evaluating Student Support Systems for International Information Technology Students Michael Watts, Shuaib Memon, & Rakesh Kumar 36
Supporting Maori Language Learning using Augmented Reality Kathryn MacCallum & John Jamieson 41
Is change on the horizon for Maori and Pacifica Female High School Students When it comes to ICT? Scott Morton, Marta Vos, & Petrea Redmond 46
“Internet of Things” as a Capstone Project: Reflections on an Educational Initiative Adon Christian Michael Moskal, Thomas Laurenson, & Nathan Rountree 55
Use of Facebook to Enhance Student Engagement in Undergraduate Higher Education Trevor Nesbit, Angela Martin, & Melisa Chan 59
From Reference-desk to Help-Desk: The Crossover Between Library Services and Information Technology Services David Skelton & Lee Olsen 66
A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Applied to the Indigenous IT Artefact Construction Kevin Shedlock & Marta Vos 73
Divers IT y: Putting Gender on the Agenda Catherine Snell-Siddle & Sarah Snell 80
Comprehensive Learning Incorporating Ako – a Tertiary Education Approach at Wintec Arthur Valle, Prashant Khanna, & Sunitha Prabhu 86
Continuing Professional Development: Returning to Study with Work-Based Learning Jamie Vaughan, & Samuel Mann 91
An Overview of Multimedia QoS in SDN-Enabled IP Networks Amir Hossein Moravejosharieh, Michael Watts, & Kourosh Ahmadi 99

Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Expanding Business Intelligence Using Internet Data Frina Albertyn, Harjeet Hanjra, Sai Charan Guttikonda, Abhilash Gandluri, & Akhil Sangoi 106
Web Intelligence in Tourism: User Experience Design and Recommender System Oras Baker, Anita Murphy, & Tajveer Nijjar 110
Making IT Occupations More Attractive to Maori: Key factors from the Literature Mark Van der Klei, Tyron Love, Trevor Nesbit, & Lloyd Carpenter 114
Comparison of Windows and Linux as Docker Hosts Sebastian Pfaller & Thomas Hartley 121
Rich Picture Systems Mapping of Capabilities and Learner Journeys Hamish Smith, David Cartman, Philippa Keaney, Dax Roberts, Samuel Mann, Mark Caukill, 125

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Teaching Agile in Business Analyst Education: Course Design and First Experiences Andreas Drechsler 133
Designing Wellness Mobile Apps Sarita Pais 135
Persuasive Mobile Application: Enhancing Student E-Learning Experience Heba Farooq, Md Athar Imtiaz, & Alaa Aljanaby 137
Environmental Sensors with Mosquitto & Python, with other Dangerous Components Steve Cosgrove & Andrew Hornblow 139
The Emerging Trends and Challenges of Software Testing in Curriculum Premalatha Sampath 141
An IT Business Intelligence Internship: Hardware Project at DataNow Martin Bischofer & Emre Erturk 143
Information Technology Jobs in Auckland: Where and What are They? Vikas Vontari and Alison Clear 144
Technical Consultant Internship at Sysdoc Jack Waayer & David Skelton 146
Prediction of Credit Card Clients’ Payment Status Xiaojun Lu, Adrian Hargreaves, & Sara Bilal 147
Cost Effective Sustainable Private Cloud William Hannon, Emre Erturk, & David Skelton 149
Web Application (PWA) Design and Development for Chinese Restaurant Fuqiang Wang, Todd Cochrane, & Craig Nicoll 150
Self-Service Analytics and Its Implementation Kelvin Dong, Todd Cochrane, & Kimberley Tuapawa 152
Applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Yu Chen, Todd Cochrane, & Kimberley Tuapawa 154