2017 Proceedings

The 8th Annual
Conference 2017
Napier, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Mind the Gap: IT skills shortage – could cadets make the jump? Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle 10
Towards Effective Writing Partnerships Between Humans and AI David Hyland-Wood, Anna Harrison, Ben Kolera 16
Industry Blended Cyber Education Graeme Legg 22
Internet of Things: Survey, Observations & Future Campbell Rehu, Firas Al-Ali 28
Pair Programming as a Teaching Tool Premalatha Sampath 37
Accelerating Academic Acculturation and the Development of Self-directed Learning Capability through Online Simulation Jonathan Sibley, Pii-Tuulia Nikula, Rebekah Dinwoodie 44
Reflections on the use of Agile practices and associated tools in university settings for an Android project Elijah Zolduoarrati, Adriaan Lotter, Kevin Michael, Rohullah Mohammadi, Nick Alessi, Sherlock A. Licorish 50
Intelligently derived features that influence students’perceptions on e-textbooks Neda Abdelhami, Dios Cabiling, Michael J. Watts, Kar Wen Choe 58
Student Impressions of Laptops for Information Technology Students Michael J. Watts, Dios Cabiling, Kar Wen Choe 64
Reducing the Gap between OOP Design and Development Minjie Hu, Aaron Steele 70
MOODLE: An Analysis of Its Utilisation, Benefits,Problems and IT Support as Perceived by IT Students Diosdado L. Cabiling, Jr., Rakesh Kumar, Kar Wen Choe, Michael J. Watts 76
Using Python to Create Formative Assessment Simon Burt 82
The Efficacy of Staircasing IT Programmes for the Benefit of Our Community Sue Chard, Tony Assadi, Steve Cosgrove, Simon Dixon, Manu Katene, Lisa Patterson, Sue Scott, Iwan Tjhin 87
Conceptions of Teamwork and Feedback among International Students Dobrila Lopez, Michael Lopez, Emre Erturk, Jonathan Sibley 94
In Search of a Strategy for Security in the Cloud Eduardo Correia, Bernard Otinpong 100
Rapid Modelling Process for Considering Community Collaborations in IT Education Hamish Smith, Chris McCarthy, Tom Flannagan, Lesley Smith, Rachel Trounsen, Phoebe Eden-Mann, Nathan Rountree, Todd Cochrane, Samuel Mann, Ken Sutton 104
Exploring Augmented Reality in Education Viewed Through the Affordance Lens Kathryn MacCallum, John Jamieson 114

Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Implementing and Evaluating a Framework for Industry-Focused ICT Education Alaa Aljanaby, Md. Athar Imtiaz, Chris Mitchell 122
How a Video’s Production Impacts Student Engagement Neil Benson, Craig Nicoll 128
Towards a Model for Adoption of APODs in Large Lectures Trevor Nesbit, Billy O’Steen, Tim Bell 134
He Kakano: a story of growth Dean Huakau, Rickie Kewene, Samuel Mann 148

Position Papers (Abstract/Presentation Only)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Case Study: Implementing a Blockchain Using Microsoft Azure Ian Purdon 154
Social Media as a coping tool for nostalgic international students in New Zealand Samuel Ekundayo, Adesayo Adelowo 155
Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Māori Values in IT Sadia Afrin, Alison Hunter (Supervisor) 157
Applying DMAIC to a Campus-wide Wireless Network Ben Manning, Eduardo Correia 160
Short Courses Initiative of Aspire2 International: Game Development as a Case Study Keunhong Kim, Ahmad Mashayekh, Md Athar Imtiaz, Alaa Aljanaby 162
Te Tiriti O Waitangi – Impact on IT Soham Sarkar, Alison Hunter 164
Documentation in Agile Software Development Teams Anchal Gupta, Premalatha Sampath 166
My Shopping Buddy – a Mobile Application for Diabetics Bernard Otinpong, Luofeng Xu 168
Agile Testing Practices in Academia Premalatha Sampath 170
UCOL BICT Network Internship Rupert Woodroffe, Sandra Cleland, Graeme Richards 172
Computer games as a therapy tool for psychological and emotional disorders Sam Carlyle, Chris McCarthy 174
The Classroom of the Future Tom Outram, Chris McCarthy 176
Heavy Engineering Research Association Internship David Skelton, Tobias Kick 179
Minimizing Synchronization in Parallel Nested Loops Reza Rafeh, Mohammad Hossein Roosta 180
Google Classroom Amandeep Kaur, Emre Erturk 183
What is the vision for AI education resources? How well is it currently being met? Robert Iles, Emre Erturk 186
Custom Data Solutions Internship Mark Smith, Emre Erturk 188
ERP System Upgrade for New Zealand Casing Company Limited Brian Vest, Ian Purdon 189
E-learning in New Zealand Undergraduate Medical Education: Trends and Directions Heba Farooq, Md Athar Imtiaz,Alaa Aljanaby 191
Uptake of Wearable Technology on New Zealand Healthcare Gopal Dongal, Michael Verhaart 194
Adopting Open Source to implement DevOps toolchain for SMEs in New Zealand Hong Shi, Michael Verhaart 196
A SaaS-Based SCM Solution for New Zealand Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
in Retail-Related Sectors
Susumu Mahara & Michael Verhaart 198
An IT Software Development Internship: Programming Project at Red Jungle Andrew Percy, Kim Hagen-Hall 200
Successful Test management is Based on Test Coverage and Test Traceability Jose Midhun, Kim Hagen-Hall 201
Agile Methodologies in Global Software Development Santiago Obrutsky, Kim Hagen-Hall 203
The Presbyterian Support Central Wi-Fi Network Deployment Ian Hunter, Alan Lyford 205
Augmented Reality in Early Childhood Literacy Mayank Kumar, Kathryn MacCallum 207
Design & Development of Mobile Learning in Workplace Training for the Logistics
Amanda Price, Kathryn MacCallum 209