2016 Proceedings

The 7th Annual
Conference 2016
Wellington, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Experiential Learning for improving student engagement Kabas Albakry,Alistair Hookings,Tanveer Hossain 9
Reflections on Developing Programmes of Study Eduardo Correia 17
Self-tracking over time: The FITBIT® phenomenon Stephanie Day 21
Beyond Wi-Fi: Using mobile devices for gxLearning in the field Stephanie Day & Michael Verhaart 27
Digitally Tika, Digital Natives: Digital Needs and Education of the Pehiaweri Marae Tema Fenton-Coyne, Luke Tomes & Nigel Studdart 34
Software Development Team Views of Success Factors in Agile projects Dipendra Ghimire, Stuart Charters & Shirley Gibbs 39
Predicting the Academic Performance of International Students on an Ongoing Basis Binglan Han & Michael J. Watts 48
University Students Expectations of NZQA Levels Dobrila Lopez & Mike Lopez 54
Utilising Historic Interplay and the Avant Gard Theory to Support to Narratives for New Susan Scott 61
Quick Response codes in an educational environment Nick Wallingford 69
A Student Laptop Roll-out for International Information Technology Students Michael Watts, Kabas Albakry, Kar Wen Choe, Binglan Han, Alistair Hookings, Havea Fonua, Rakesh Kumar, Kourosh Ahmadi, & Sione Keu’u 76
Enhancing students’ IS offshoring capabilities: An international blended teaching concept Markus Westner, David Skelton & Johannes Tinat 81

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Influence of Globalization and E-Business on Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Bibek Chhetri Dhami & Michael Verhaart 91
We’re only human: Understanding personality, anxiety, and computer self-efficacy Lynda Corner & Michael Verhaart 94
Quantifying the Self: Ultra Athletes Acceptance and Use of Activity Tracking Technologies Stephanie Day & Michael Verhaart 96
Is that what they said? An automated reference finder Tim Hunt 98
Mining NZQA’s External Evaluation and Review Data Tilottama Karnik, Shafiq Alam, & Sarita Pais 100
Online eLearning in Tertiary Education Graeme Legg & Ian Mitchell 102
From reference desk to help-desk: The effects of technological change on the academic library Lee Olsen & Michael Verhaart 104
Impact of Cybercrime on SMEs Kateryna Petrova& Marta Vos 106
Identifying of the CSFs for CRM system implementation in Russian enterprises Robin Raju & Michael Verhaart 108
Perceptions of Pair Programming: Boon or Bane? A student survey Premalatha Sampath 110
Connecting Maori to their past through Virtual World Computing: Re-visiting pre-European contact using immersive realities in New Zealand Kevin Shedlock 113
Data and Process Modelling: Investigating the gap between education and industry expectations in New Zealand Vandana Taneja & Mali Senapathi 115
Sharing information using Internal Communication and Business Intelligence: A Healthcare perspective Aaron Turpin & Michael Verhaart 117
The Framework for IS Curriculum Design Andrew Zaliwski & Sarita Pais 119

Supplementary papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Use of personas in education – A case study of development of core competencies Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Rachel Trounsen,Tom Flannagan, Diane McCarthy, & Ken Sutton 123