2014 Proceedings

The 5th Annual
Conference 2014
Auckland, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
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Embedding Indigenous Accelerated Learning Techniques into Programming Damian Adamski 29-34
Techniques for Aligning IT Education with Industry Demand Mehdi Asgarkhani, Alison Clear 35-39
Framing IT Capstone Development Projects with Design Science Research principles Clare Atkins 40-44
DevShops: Bridging the gap between Academia and the real world Sandra Cleland 45-54
Teaching and Assessing Database Concepts using GIS Richard Dargie, Aaron Steele 55-60
A Critical Inquiry: Teaching Systems Analysis and Design Beyond 2015 Emre Erturk 61-66
Examining the Role of Mathematics in the IT Curriculum Joy Gasson 67-72
Factors Influencing the Adoption of Moodle at Te Wananga o Aotearoa Tane Randell Kaka 73-79
When Innovation Fails: Methods for Collection of Student Feedback Darrell Love, Karen Love, Patricia Haden, Joy Glasson 80-84
The role of activism in ICT for Sustainability Samuel Mann,Shane Gallagher,Nell Smith 85-93
The Game’s the Thing: Levelling up from Novice Status Diane P. McCarthy, Rob Oliver 94-97
Exploring the Application of Agile Principles to Tertiary Computing Education Mary Proctor, Lesley Smith, Ken Sutton, Chris McCarthy, Clare Atkins, Hamish Smith, Neil Benson, Matthias Otto, Sam Mann, Rachel Trounson, Sandra Dyke, Craig Nicoll 98-105
Staying LinkedIn with ICT Graduates and Industry Aaron Steele, Sandra Cleland 106-109
The Cloud Assessment Learning Environment Aaron Steele, Tony Rickards 110-116
Student Mentors in ICT Education Aaron Steele, Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle 117-121
Adoption of Computer Science in NZ schools Tim Bell, Heidi Newton, Caitlin Duncan, Sam Jarman 203-209
Electrical Circuit Creation on Android Deqin David Xu, Michelle Hy, Simar Kalra, David Yan, Nasser Giacaman,
Oliver Sinnen


Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Introductory Programming and Educational Performance Indicators – a Mismatch Alison Clear, Tony Clear 123-128
Using Mobile Apps to Enhance Student Engagement in Large Lectures Trevor Nesbit, Bill O’Steen, Tim Bell 129-132


Invited Presentations
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Invited Presentations


Poster Papers
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Microsoft Private Cloud Infrastructure Sarath Abhilash, Alison Clear 134-135
City-Wide Energy Meter Robert Attfield, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 136-137
Project Kaka: Mobile OCR and GPS Daniel Bathurst, Trevor Nesbit 138-139
Cloud computing adoption concerns within organizations Sunil K. Bedi 140-141
Generation Z, no more holding down the (E) button to complete a task: Neil Benson, Sam Zhao, Todd Cochrane 142-143
E-learning Environments: Are our students e-ready? Tina Blumenthal, Michael Verhaart 144-145
Student Support Hannah Carey, Karyn Costello, Stephen Sugrue, Paul Admiraal,Samuel Mann,Lesley Smith 146-147
Blended Learning: Is it Time to Share? Neale Catchpole 148-149
Peer Reviewed Screencasting as an Assessment Mark Caukill, Clare Atkins 150-151
Achieving the optimum business strategy – project management alignment in ICT projects in New Zealand. Suraj Chande, Michael Verhaart 152-153
Carradale Manor Web Development Project Michael Dewar, Trevor Nesbit 154-155
Sexuality Road Adam Herd, Paul Admiraal, Sam Mann 156-157
V4You Application for Dementia Patients Sruthi Jacob, Sajeeva Merin Sunny, Alison Clear 158-159
Impact of Mobile Technology in CRM-Underlying issues Mohankumar Kandavel, Michael Verhaart 160-161
V4U Website for Dementia Patients Kamaljeet Kaur, Tejender Pal Singh, Alison Clear 162-163
The Detection of Distinct Gestures by a Pebble Smartwatch Loki Kristianson, Alison Clear 164-165
Assessment Rubrics in NZ Tertiary Education Graeme Legg, Premalatha Sampath 166-167
A Distributed Framework for Community Analysis in Social Networks Jiamou Liu, Ziheng Wei 168-169
Farm Scape Sean Matheson, Whetu Taita, Joshua Hawkhead, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 170-171
Cameras on Boats John Maxwell, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 172-173
Computer Gaming and the Positive Effects on Mental Health Bernard McBrearty, Chris McCarthy 174-175
Redevelopment of a Health and Safety Intranet Toolkit: A Student Internship Nicholas Murphy, Trevor Nesbit 176-177
Swarmtech Daniel Murphy, Adam Bazley, Braydon Waayer, Andrew Gardner, Wesley Chase,Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann, Tom Clark, Patricia Haden 178-179
Compliance and Data Sovereignty Issues on Cloud Technology Vignesh Palanisamy, Michael Verhaart 180-181
Development of an Optimal Wireless Network Solution to Connect Jagdees Pillai, Steve Cosgrove, Dr. Diane Strode 182-183
SpreadHelp Phillip Rooney, Hayden Smith, Dom S’Auvergne, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 184-185
City IT Portfolio Management Micheal Rosenbrock, Paul Admiraal, Samuel Mann 186-187
Challenges in Teaching Test-Driven Development Premalatha Sampath 188-189
Windows 7 Upgrade Project – Student Internship Jody Sanders, Trevor Nesbit 190-191
The Computer Freehold Register; a user’s point of view Susan Scott 192-193
Publication Pathways: A Prototyping Project Gary Smith, Trevor Nesbit 194-195
Woodgate Software: High End Architecture and Prototype Ross Woodgate, Alison Clear 198-199
Database Replacement Project for Non Profit Art Organisation Susan Zhu,Susan Zhu 200-201