2013 Proceedings


The 4th Annual

Conference 2013

Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
How Fascinating! An entrepreneurial learning initiative Clare Atkins 11-16
Teaching Database Concepts using Spatial Data Types Richard Dargie & Aaron Steele 17-21
Collaborative Development for Online Assessment Kay Fielden 22-27
The Global Game Jam for Teaching and Learning Allan Fowler, Foaad Khosmood, Ali Arya, & Gorm Lai 28-34
Technology-Rich Learning Environments in New Zealand ITPs Kamani M Gunawardena 35-41
Analysis of Prerequisites: Methodology and a Case Study Mike Lopez, Dobrila Lopez, Chris McCarthy & Robert Oliver 42-48
Staff and student perceptions of NZQA level expectations Mike Lopez & Dobrila Lopez 49-55
Students’ perceptions of work quality in a cooperative learning environment Mike Lopez & Dobrila Lopez 56-60
Videos Used To Supplement Student Learning: Does The Approach Matter? Kathryn Mac Callum 61-65
Software Implementation-Lessons to be learnt from the Novopay project Chris Mayhew, Samah Ridha & M Daud Ahmed 66-72
The odd one out: Gender imbalance in tertiary ICT education Scott Morton 73-81
Student mistakes in an introductory programming course Amitrajit Sarkar, Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, Robert Oliver & Luofeng Xu 82-85
Through the looking glass: Innovative interview experiences for ICT students Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell & Aaron Steele 86-90
Developing a Learning Tool for IT Education Rosemarie Tomlinson 91-96
Room for Improvement: the effect of changing learning spaces Michael Verhaart & Kim Hagen-Hall 97-104
Supplementary papers (editorial review)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
PBRF 2012 Outcomes: A CITRENZ perspective Alison Clear & Tony Clear 106-108
Crowdsourcing a Student Business Competition Samuel Mann, Steve Silvey & Nick Bryson 109-115
Enterprise Engine Samuel Mann & Alistair Regan 116-121
Enhancing Student Engagement by Student Presentations in Discussion Tutorials Trevor Nesbit & Angela Martin 122-129
Relationships in Community Engagement Hamish Smith , Arifah Addison, Ludwig Batuigas, Dave Bracken, Mark Caukill , Steve Cook, Joe Davy, Patricia Haden, Chris McCarthy, Shelley McNab, Samuel Mann, Scott Morton, John Mumford, Matthias Otto, Dale Parsons, Ken Sutton, Rachel Trounson, Andrea Whitney & Sam Zhao 130-135
A Pacific Collaboration Model: Whitireia New Zealand and Tupou Tertiary Institute George Tongariro & Fakasi ‘i’ eiki Viliami Finau 136-139
Invited Presentations
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Pre-degree Intervention Strategies to Support Student Learning and Success Graham Bidois & Jacqui Finlay 141
Novopay: Dilemmas in a Nearshore Outsourcing Project Failure Tony Clear 142
Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Internship: IT Trainer Alison Baker, Judith Engelbrecht & Catherine Snell-Siddle 144-145
Minecraft or Mindcraft? The Value of Online Games in Education Neil Benson & Sam Kilday 146-147
Add-Fun: PowerShell, a Soldering Iron, Some LEDs, a Synthesizer Dave Bracken 148-149
An IT Internship & Website Project at Heretaunga Intermediate School Linda Brown, Kathryn MacCallum & David Lunny 150-151
Evolving Project Management Teaching and Practice at Whitireia New Zealand Neale Catchpole 152-153
How Not to Sink a Ship: Vocational Education in 3DVWs Todd Cochrane & Roger Wincer 154-155
Dancing in the Cloud: Design for Dance Technology Collectives Todd Cochrane & Isabel Valverde 156-157
Wireless Network goes bush: Wifi in Zealandia Steve Cosgrove, Vihar Naik & Raman Johal 158-159
Keyboard Preferences: An Interactive Innovation Steve Cosgrove & Susan Scott 160-161
AquaFORCE: Realtime Multiplatform Mobile Development Carl Crawford, Fiorenzo Rutchman, Daniel Hampton & Samuel Mann 162-163
FarmBase: Supporting Agricultural Accreditation Adam Dempsey, Carson Arrowsmith, Sean Worner & Samuel Mann 164
Teaching IT Students to Write Literature Reviews Simon Dixon 166-167
Low-cost Rapid Authoring Tool for Moodle Quizzes Andy Fendall & Dileep Rajendran 168-169
Rouleur Carl Haddon & Samuel Mann 170-171
Head Office System-Web Application Upgrade David Hartell & Sandra Cleland 172-173
Programming Goes to School Nick Hines & Chris McCarthy 174-175
A Novel Spell Checking Algorithm for Non-Segmented Languages Tim Hunt, Blaine Rakena & Kevin Wang 176-177
Investigating the Impact of Pair-programming on Entry Level IT Students Terry Jeon & Kerese Manueli 178-179
INFO330-Applied Information Systems Project Anna Jones & Trevor Nesbit 180
ICT in Early Childhood Education Abin Joshi, Ravi Sanyal & Alison Clear 181-182
Using Apps Stores/Markets as a Tool to Provide Industry Knowledge Michael Lam & Sarita Pais 183-184
INFO330-Windows 7 Upgrade Project Edward Lang & Trevor Nesbit 185
Aligning Rubrics: Improving the Relevance and Quality of Higher Education Graeme Legg 186-187
Loci Android App Development Nick Little, Nicole Morris, Michael Smith & Samuel Mann 188-189
Web Site Evaluation: Towards a Validated Instrument Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 190-191
Web Site Evaluation: Participants’ Perceptions of Sites Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 192-193
Web Site Evaluation: Student Perceptions and Impact Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 194-195
Web Site Evaluation: Content Analysis of Comments Mike Lopez, David Weir & Luofeng Xu 196-197
To Scroll or Not to Scroll: the age-old question Chris McCarthy 198-199
Towards Industry Focused Testing Courses John McPhee & Alison Clear 200-201
What’s Changed in a Decade of BIT Projects? Scott Morton 202-203
Living with Lync Peter Nock 204-205
Wordle-Visualising Student Feedback Peter Nock 206-207
Data Models for Information Systems Sarita Pais, Michael Lam & Jun Han 208-209
Are you OK? An Android application for assisted living Dileep Rajendran, Tim Hunt, Mark Nikora & Susan Bennett 210-211
Local Government ICT Portfolio Management Michael Rosenbrock & Samuel Mann 212-213
Teaching Quality Assurance and Testing at Level 8 Premalatha Sampath 214-215
Student Mistakes in Introductory Programming: Sample Problems Amitrajit Sarkar, Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, Robert Oliver & Luofeng Xu 216-217
New Technologies and Narrative Structures Susan Scott 218-219
Panda Island Darryl Sell, Chris Barbour, Matthew Norman & Samuel Mann 220-221
EcoExplore Mobile Framework Nathan Sime, Kieran McKewan, Adrian Cross & Samuel Mann 222-223
Business Continuity and the Cloud Bruce Swallow & Alison Clear 224-225
Private Cloud: A Teaching Case for a Multi-campus Systems Administration Course Iwan Tjhin 226-227
Odroids-A Level 2 Experiment George Tongariro 228-229
Robots Like Us: Robots That Work With or Beside People Aaron Venz & Chris McCarthy 230-231
Computer Service Company Internship Gerard Verhaart, Emre Erturk & David Skelton 232
Platforms and Possibilities for Teaching Cloud Computing Ricky Watson & Eduardo Correia 233-234
3D Printing Processes De-mystified Craig Welsh & Malcolm Wieck 235-236
An Holistic Approach To Skill Development Nick Wempe 237-238
HCI: Helping Southland Children with Special Needs Sam Zhao, Andrea Whitney & Ken Sutton 239-240
Improving the Learning Experience Dennis Ng & Kim Hagen-Hall 241
Internship at ALTO Packaging Hastings Grace Patterson & Kim Hagen-Hall 242