2012 Proceedings


The 3rd Annual

Conference 2012

Christchurch, New Zealand.

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Full papers (Quality assured)
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Workload Implication of Integrated Assessment: a Case Study Kabas Albakry 9-13
Strategic Effectiveness of e-Learning: A Pilot Study Mehdi Asgakhani, Alison Clear 14-17
Certificate in ICT: Is it meeting the needs of the Stakeholders? Alison Clear, Chris McCarthy, Graham Moore 18-21
PBRF 2012 and the Nature of Degree Teaching Tony Clear, Alison Clear 22-26
Entrepreneurial process meets capstone project in a collaborative environment Huibert de Vries, Hugh Mack, Chris McCarthy, Mark Reilly, Trevor Nesbit 27-32
Enriching Student Learning Programming Through Using Kodu Allan Fowler 33-39
Evaluating the Distraction of ICT Devices in the Classroom Sam Goundar 40-47
Developing a Generic Framework for Constructing Visual Data Mining Tools Adrian Hargreaves 48-51
Learning Computer Networking Using Virtualization Tools Rakesh Kumar, Gurpreet Singh 52-55
Explore, Discover, Share, Discuss: A student centred approach to learning Dobrila Lopez, Mike Lopez, Martina Simpson 56-62
Enterprise in Education: a Model for Institutional Development Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Alistair Regan 63-68
Disillusionment and broken dreams: gaps between policy and reality for international students in New Zealand Chris McCarthy, Diane P. McCarthy, NaifZimahAlkatheri, Gil Soo Chung 69-74
Enhancing Engagement in Large Course: The Facebook Experiment Trevor Nesbit, Angela Martin 75-81
Employability of International Students Studying Information Technology SaritaPais 82-85
Relationships between Logic Depiction, UML Diagramming and Programming AmitrajitSarkar, Mike Lopez, Rob Oliver, Mike Lance 88-92
Building Student Communities with Social Media Lesley Smith, Patricia Haden, Samuel Mann 93-100
Students on the Staircase: an analysis of stair-casing students Aaron Steele, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Sarah Snell 101-104
Virtual World Adoption in Tertiary Education: A Review of Literature Kimberley Tuapawa, David Skelton 105-110
gxLearning, teaching to geographically extended classes Michael Verhaart, Kim Hagen-Hall 111-118
Enhancing Student Retention in Online Courses: Fact or Folly? Stephen C. Wingreen, Vanesa Tennant, Michael Moorman, Trevor Nesbit 119-126

Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
An Evaluation of the Computers in Homes (CiH) Programme in Porirua Tony Assadi 128
Visualizing the Rules of English Pronunciation Chris Burrell, Matt Melchert 129-130
myGreenFeat RikkiCalteaux, Brendon Coombes, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 131
Brain Computer Interfaces for gaming Richard Andrew Cattermole 132-133
Proposal for Sustainable Community Enterprise Joe Davy, Samuel Mann 134
Using Action Research Approach towards Implementing a Cloud Framework in a Polytechnic RohiniDutt 135-136
A GIS Experience in the Capital: EIT Internship Ben Greville, David Skelton 137
EIT Client Services – Help Desk Internship Gordon Hall, Stephen Corich, Andrew Madden 138
Is Cloud Computing Reliable and should we worry about security risks? Thomas Headifen 139
Assisted Living Tim Hunt, DileepRajendran 140
Customization of CMS Software for E-Learning Platform Implementation for Dentists Amit Ashok Kamble, Kevin Reynolds, Jimmi Rosa, Pablo Matamoros 141-142
SUMATO: A Survey Solution for the Education Sector Josh Klazinga, MaksymPodolian, Malcolm Wieck 143
SCRATCH – Nothing to Sniff At: Six Loops Implemented in SCRATCH Michael Lance, Rob Oliver, AmitrajitSarkar 144
Learning by Game Building: Implementing BaghChal Using JADE Michael Lance, Mike Lopez, AmitrajitSarkar, Rob Oliver 145
STARS App Garry MacLachlan, Matthew Bradley, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 146
Request for collaborators: SQUAWK Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith, Hamish Smith 147
Here be dragons Samuel Mann, Hamish Smith 148-149
Social good in DIY “Essay” Samuel Mann 150
Sounds Like Sustainable Computing Samuel Mann, Anton Angelo 151
Three Approaches to Developing Educational Apps for Mobile Devices Matt Melchert 152-153
Problem Based Learning using SCRATCH: Pattern Orientated Instruction Rob Oliver, AmitrajitSarkar 154
Desktop support technician at EIT IT Services Joe Raad, Emre Erturk 155
PowerSim: a discussion oriented modelling system Adam Randle, Vinnie Reid, Patricia Haden, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 156
STAR Courses: An Effective Marketing Tool, or a Community Service? Garry Roberton 157
Social Networking: Exploiting Online Technologies to Promote Research Outputs Garry Roberton 158
ICT Trends: Informing the ICT Community Garry Roberton 159
Tertiary ICT Enrolments and Job Vacancies: Reflecting on Trends Garry Roberton 160
Teaching Introductory Programming using SCRATCH: Learning by Game Building AmitrajitSarkar, Rob Oliver, Michael Lance 161
Audaciously Enterprising Students Kari Schmidt, Jessie McKay, David Wilson, Grant Dick, Steve Silvey, Samuel Mann 162
Citizen Science on the Rocky Shore Nathan Sime, Kieran McKewen, Adrian Cross, Hamish Smith, Samuel Mann 163
The Impacts of Social Networking on Work Environments MataarangiMakirere-Tata 164-165
Improved Collaborative Learning using Touch Screen IwanTjhin 166-167
Remotely Accessible SIP System: SME Telephony Network using Rapid Implementation IwanTjhin 168-169
Pacific Collaboration: IT Education between TTI and Whitireia NZ George Tongariro, ViliamiFakasi’i’eiki 170
KIWI WORLD: PC-Training our nation Kimberley Tuapawa, Emre Erturk 171
Improving Students’ Self-Regulation of Learning at Tertiary Level Malcolm Wieck 172