2011 Proceedings


The 2nd Annual

Conference 2011

Rotorua, New Zealand.

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Dr Samuel Mann
Otago Polytechnic
Dr Michael Verhaaart
Eastern Institute of Technology

Prologue and table of contents

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Quality Assured Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Web-Assisted Learning: A Review of Planning and Theory Mehdi Asgarkhani , Alison Clear 13-21
Closing the Gap between the Stakeholders Involved in ICT Capstone Projects Kabas Albakry , John Paynter 23-33
Exploiting Spatial Database Software for use in Teaching SQL Simon Burt 35-42
Managing Operational Continuity in Disaster Recovery: A Case in Academic Delivery Alison Clear , Mehdi Asgarkhani 43-49
The Fate of Computing in Research Performance Evaluations: ERA vs PBRF Alison Clear , Tony Clear 51-62
An Apprenticeship Based ICT Degree: Student Perceptions Sandra Cleland , Aaron Steele , Catherine Snell-Siddle 63-68
Enhancing Introductory Programming with Kodu Game Lab: An Exploratory Study Allan Fowler , Brian Cusack 69-79
Wiki-to-Speech for Mobile Presentations John Graves 81-86
An investigation into the usefulness of podcasts for tertiary students. Kim Hagen-Hall , Kathryn MacCallum 87-94
Catering for DBMS training needs of the Bay of Plenty region Don Kannangara , Momir Radicevic 95-101
Self and peer-assessment: a learner perspective Dobrila Lopez , Mike Lopez , Willem Fourie , Denise Clarkson , Kirsten Marais 113-127
The Christchurch Quake: Social Networking as Student Support in Disaster Recovery Diane P McCarthy , Chris McCarthy 129-154
Searching for strategic attributes in graduating projects Samuel Mann , Nicola Bould 155-166
A research framework for sustainable software Samuel Mann , Lesley Smith , Graham McGregor 167-180
Automating the Marking of an Excel Assignment: The Initial Foray, Results and Future Use Trevor Nesbit , Angela Martin 181-195
eLearning: A Solution in a Crisis: Don’t Forget the Pedagogy Trevor Nesbit , Angela Martin 197-211
Success predictors for computing students: the next step Karen Phillips , Ray Scott 213-222
Industry practitioners’ perceptions of embedded CCNA: A comparative study Dileep Rajendran , Scott Morton 223-232
Characterising a capstone within a foundation learning programme Hamish Smith , Samuel Mann 233-242
Teaching and Learning Object-oriented Programming Principles: Process and System M Daud Ahmed, 243-252
Task Characteristics in Data Modelling Shoba Tegginmath , Natalia Bedran 253-261
Using Open Education Resources (OERs) in BlendedTeaching: Is it worth it? Michael Verhaart 263-271


Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Teaching html: Cold hard coding or WYSIWYG Narissa Bayler 284-285
A Systems Engineering Internship: VMWare takes over Aidan Bickers , David Skelton 286-287
Investigating the NeuroSky Mindset Brainwave Sensing Headset Chris Burrell 288-289
Tasys Management System Project Alex Murray , Richard Dargie 290-291
The Proteomics Image Annotator (PIAnno) Web Application Jamie Gracie , Sandra Cleland 292-293
Systems Analysis and Design: Student Group Projects in a Blended Environment Emre Erturk 294-295
Engaging International Students through e-Learning: Pedagogical Aspect Rohini Dutt 296-297
Programming 1 – Local Pass Rate Improvements Lesley Gousmett , Christo Potgieter 298-299
Implementing Specialisation Hierarchies within Relational Databases Adrian Hargreaves 300-301
Programming a Linux Cluster using a Parallel Java Framework (JPPF) John Hetherington , Murray Foote 302-303
Using the Joomla CMS to Build an Interactive eCommerce Website Chris Holmes , Michael Verhaart 304-305
Using Email to Teach Literacy Tim D. Hunt , Marg Cartner , Sreelatha Menon 306-307
Controlling Quality in Delivering Newly Designed BIT Degree Programme Rakesh Kumar 308-309
21st Century Tools for 21st Century Learners Istvan Lengyel 310-311
Wisecracks Website Development Sam Lewry , Michael Verhaart , Judy Dickie 312-313
Social Activism and Social Media Samuel Mann 314-315
Project Smarts Samuel Mann , Thomi Richards , Hamish Smith , Lesley Smith 316-317
Case – Collaboration Framework for IT Problem Solving for Community Organizations Jannat Maqbool , Christo Potgieter 318-319
One IT Internship Experience at a Not-For-Profit Organisation Jannat Maqbool , Christo Potgieter 320-321
Learning After_Shocks: Student Experiences Diane P. McCarthy 322-323
Is a Breach of the Copyright Act 1994 an Act of Piracy and a Crime of Theft? Chris McCarthy 324-326
Critical Thinking: The Missing Link in Foreign Students Academic Progress Johan Scholtz 327-329
Benefits & Opportunities Available to Businesses from Near Field Communications Chris McCarthy , Glen Crawford 330-331
Phone sick: The Effect of Temporary Cell Phone Separation on Young Adults in New Zealand Chris McCarthy , Alison McKay 332-333
A Custom-made Tutorial App for iPhone and Android Matt Melchert 334-335
Success Rates: Are They The Same For Different Logic Courses? Rob Oliver 336-337
Choosing An Introductory Programming Language: Does SCRATCH Make Sense? Rob Oliver , Amitrajit Sarkar 338-339
Embedding soft skills and business skills into technical IT papers Sarita Pais 340-341
Quality of Service when Streaming: Starting a Joint Project – FAIL! Christo Potgieter 342-343
When Worlds Collide – Making Star Trek Happen! Christo Potgieter , Annette Fouche 344-345
Programming 2 – Exploring “student thinking” Christo Potgieter , Lesley Gousmett 346-347
Is There Such a Thing as “Just Replicate It”? Christo Potgieter , Jannat Maqbool 348-349
Enhancing a Survey Instrument re Indian Students for IT field Christo Potgieter , Sunitha Prahbu , Mark Evan 350-351
Health Informatics: Key Considerations from the National Health IT Plan Christo Potgieter , Said Shahtmasebi 352-353
Successful RAD and Prototyping on a Capstone Project Christo Potgieter , Michael Stone 354-355
Network Virtualization: A survey of the Wintec EPG Dileep Rajendran , Garry Roberton 356-357
A Bright Future for ICT: Continuing Growth in Enrolments and Jobs Garry Roberton 358-359
ALICE: Attracting Learners to ITP’s for a Computing Education Garry Roberton , Susan Bennett 360-361
Industry Certification Courses: Embedding Microsoft’s MOC 2774 Garry Roberton , Andy Fendall 362-363
Smoothboard: A Smart Alternative Garry Roberton , Gareth Morton 364-365
STAR: Students tasting And reflecting on ICT Study Options via STAR Courses Garry Roberton , Blaine Rakena , Carol Aymes , Lesley Gousmett 366-367
Challenges in managing Spatio-temporal Database Premalatha Sampath 368-369
Distilling Software Engineering Lesley Smith , Samuel Mann 370-371
Buffer Management Scheme to Transmit Realtime Audio in IP Networks S.C Sudhakar , L Deshi 372-373
The Perfect Computer Teaching Lab? Melanie Tansley 374-375
Quake Brain: One Tutors Experience Melanie Tansley 376-377
A ‘Product Stewardship’ Database Development: PaintWise, Agrecovery & GardenWise. Aaron Turpin , David Skelton 378-379


Teaching Practice and Technical Notes
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
An “imagination” tool to accelerate analogue electronics learning Evan Keats 103-112
E-learning System with Seamless Integration to SMS Lin Zhao 273-281