2007 Proceedings


The 20th Annual

Conference 2007

Nelson, New Zealand.


Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications Editors: Assoc Prof Samuel Mann and Dr Noel Bridgeman.

Frina Alertyn Eastern Institute of Technology
David Bremer Otago Polytechni
Dr Noel Bridgeman Unitec New Zealand
Tony Clear Auckland University of Technology
Steve Corich Eastern Institute of Technology
Dr Brian Cusack Auckland University of Technology
Bob Gibbons Manukau Institue of Technology
Patricia Haden Otago Polytechnic
Dr Donald Joyce Unitec New Zealand
Dr Donald Koh Unitec New Zealand
Dr Xiaosong Li Unitec New Zealand
Mike Lopez Manukau Institue of Technology
Dobrilla Lopez Manukau Institue of Technology
Gerry McCullough Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Dr Samuel Mann Otago Polytechnic
Mike Mullany Northland Polytechnic
John Paynter Auckland University
Krassie Petrova Auckland University of Technology
Karen Phillips Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
Garry Roberton Waikato Institute of Technology
Lesley Smith Otago Polytechnic
Albert van Aardt Northland Polytechnic
Michael Verhaart Eastern Institute of Technology
Dr Jacqueline Whalley Auckland University of Technology
Malcolm Weick Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology
Nick Wempe Whitireia Community Polytechnic
Alison Young Unitec New Zealand


The conference contains papers in the following areas:

  • Computing education
  • Computing practice
  • Computing research


Dr Samuel Mann
Associate Professor
Department of Information Technology
Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, NZ
smann@tekotago.ac.nz Dr Noel Bridgeman
Senior Lecturer
CITRUS Research and Development Centre
School of Computing and Information Technology
Unitec, NZ
nbridgeman@unitec.ac.nz Cover image for the printed proceedings by Daniel MacDougal, Otago Polytechnic.

Quality assurance

All full papers in this proceedings were double-blind refereed by at least three reviewers and
then selected by an editorial panel. 42% of submitted papers were accepted for publication.

Full papers are double blind peer refereed on submission by a review panel and accepted/modified/rejected. The editorial panel reviews final versions. They may be rejected or returned for modification at that point.

Full papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Key Attributes for Success within the ICT Job Market: A Case Study of ICT Students’ View. Medhi Asgarkhani Jun Wan 11
How do students understand computer network protocols? Anders Berglund Raymond Lister 15
A Model for Understanding IT Support in Schools. David Bremer Keryn Pratt 21
Education: A Role For Robots? Noel Bridgeman Elizabeth Bridgeman 27
Raising the Bar on VC: Using Video Conferencing and NACCQ modules in Secondary Schools. Peter Brook,Joy Gasson 35
Augmenting Compiler Error Reporting in the Karel++ Microworld. Chris Burrell Matt Melchert 41
The Use of a Commercial ERP System: Teaching Business Systems Computing Students. Neil Comins Alison Young 47
Environments for a Networking Laboratory. Morgan Conbere Michael Erlinger Renzo Davoli Michael Goldweber 53
From Microsoft to Open Systems and Back. Stephen Corich 59
If we only had time. Kay Fielden Krassie Petrova 65
Multiple perspectives on a capstone projec. Mike Goodwin Samuel Mann 73
Learning to learn: hidden curricula in a first term computing course. Kim Hagen-Hall 81
A Framework for Teaching Novice VB Programming Using Motivational Game Scenarios. Minjie Hu 89
Mifrenz: a new email client application for children. Tim Hunt 99
Homeonics and No. 8 Wire Research. Michel Jouvernaux 107
Assessed Group Work: Staff and Student Perspectives. Donald Joyce Shirley Elliot 113
Migration from Microsoft to Linux on Servers and Desktops. P. K. Ajith Kumar 117
Incorporating a code review process into the assessment. Xiaosong Li 125
The Neglected Middle Novice Programmer: Reading and Writing without Abstracting. Raymond Lister 133
Demographic Impacts: ICT Education in Rumaki Reo. Terri C. Lomax Ruth Lemon 141
Estimation of Cronbach’s alpha for sparse datasets. Mike Lopez 151
Computing and sustainability. Samuel Mann Lesley Smith 157
Computing Education for Sustainability. Samuel Mann Lesley Smith 163
ICT Adoption Models. Kerese Manueli Savae Latu Donald Koh 175
The ICT Journey from Diplomas to Degrees: The CPIT Staircasing Experience. Trevor Nesbit Chris McCarthy 183
Where’s the Bling of the Thing? Ethics, Gaming and PBL-I. Diane McCarthy 189
A Low-level Approach in a High-Level World. Terry Morris Peter Brook 197
ICT Choices: Little Evidence of Strategic Planning. Julia Ngatuere 203
Programming Osmosis: Knowledge Transfer from Imperative to Visual Programming Environments. Dale Parsons Patricia Haden 209
Census 2006: capitalising on IT. John Paynter Gabrielle Peko 217
Linux Networking in NZ Industry and ITP Education. Dileep Rajendran 223
A Revision of a Database Course with a Real-world Project Rukshan Indika Athauda 229
Delivering an IT Plan: Impact on the Student End-User. David Skelton Pamela Wilson 237
Methodology in Software Development Capstone Projects Diane Strode Jill Clark 243
virtualMe: A virtual teacher environment Michael Verhaart 253

Poster and demonstration papers
A 915mm × 600mm poster is displayed at the conference along with one page in the proceedings.

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
NZP Payroll System. Stephen Ayers Sandra Cleland 260
Clothing Suggestion Engine. Jo Bagrie Ben Bishop Blair Lundin Samuel Mann 261
A Lifetime of Stories ah, now that’s an interesting picture, are you sitting comfortably there, it all started the year my father bought the bush block off the… John Cheng Samuel Mann Carolyne Smith Jo Bagrie 262
PBRF 2006 Results: How did the NACCQ sector fare? Tony Clear Alison Young 263
Laser based line-out simulator. Peter Brook Hayden Croft Samuel Mann 265
So You Have to Teach Information Systems in Business: What Software Would You Choose? Neil Comins Alison Young 266
PROVENCO: Distributed Update Server. Michael DeVorms Sandra Cleland 267
It’s Gaming Jim But Not As We Know It: Large Scale Interactive Gaming Platform. Murray Dick Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 268
Website. Blair Franklin Richard Dargie 269
Knowledge Management Concepts in eLearning without Hitting Your Head on the Yellow Brick Wall. Angela Gibson Trevor Nesbit 270
FIRE: Adding educational value to “it was hot”. Grant Helm Stuart Matthews Shiming Shen Kevin Barclay Thomi Richards Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 271
Transition from C++ to JAVA – Waiariki Experience. Don Kannangara 272
MESSing with Mathlets: requirements for interactive teaching software. Dave Kennedy 273
LABEL ME: Label Formatting Made Easy. Christopher Lee David McDonald Ian Simpson Thomi Richards Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 274
Let Us Manage Your Lettuce: A Networked Solution For Hydroponics. Jayden Lippers Larissa McDonald Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 275
Voice over IP Server and Backup Project. Alasdair Logan Sandra Cleland 276
Works Just Like Clockwork: Model Making For Teaching Computing Concepts. Samuel Mann Mike Goodwin Jo Bagrie 277
Computer:Art timeline shows nostalgia and continuing fears. Samuel Mann 278
Integrating OO Analysis Design and Development: An Initial Story. Trevor Nesbit 279
Why do our students enrol in Computing Programmes… …now! Ray Scott 280
Blended Delivery: A Model for Foundation Level Computing. Sarah Snell 281
Virtualisation Revisited:Building Large Complex Networks in a Teaching Environment. Stefan Stasiewicz 282
Conversation with Leonardo. John Ung Chrissie Jackson Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 283
Credits and Hours: How Comparable is the NACCQ Sector? Alison Young Noel Bridgeman Michael Verhaart 284
Dezigns Website/Database Project. Johnny Ramsay Richard Dargie 285
Assessing the Steps on the Road to Relational Thinking. Anne Philpott Phil Robbins Jacqueline L. Whalley 286
MARINE QUEST: Environmental E-Learning for Primary Students. Alastair Nicholl Liz Coup Janey Labes Patricia Haden Samuel Mann Jo Bagrie 287