2006 proceedings


The 19th Annual

Conference 2006

Wellington, New Zealand.

The cover of the proceedings celebrates the inclusion in the conference of a “Perspectives on IT Careers” forum aimed to link stakeholders to ensure the continued availability of a highly skilled workforce to sustain a vibrant and healthy Information Technology industry in New Zealand. The illustration is by Serge Ratten (rattesc1@tekotago.ac.nz) from a script by Samuel Mann.

Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications Editors: Assoc Prof Samuel Mann (Otago Polytechnic) and Dr Noel Bridgeman (Unitec)


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Full Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf Endnote
Transnational Education – The Students Coming Onshore: A Case Study Baker, A., Nesbit, T. 11
Face-to-Face versus Virtual: NZ Software Project Managers’ perceptions of risk Bere, B.Bridgeman, N., Quinnell, P. 17
Teaching an Experiential and Technical Course via Distance Delivery Bremer, D. 29
Trouble at t’Paper Mill Brook, P., Sewell, A. 33
There and Back Again – IT Provisioning for IT Students Clarke, R. 39
An Exploratory Study into the Impact of NACCQ Research Clear, T., Young, A. 45
Using historical data in stochastic estimation of software project duration Connor, A., MacDonell, S. 53
The case for an ITP Collaborative Computing Degree Corich, S. 61
Blended Delivery: Multimedia in the Mix Dargie, R.Snell-Siddle, C. 67
A Preliminary Phenomenographic Study Concerning Student Experiences of Unix Doyle, B., Lister, R. 73
Towards Online Local Government Elections Government. Dunayev, A., Paynter, J. 79
A Tutoring Quality Program for a Department of Computer Science Edmundson, C. 89
OTAGONET ICT Ambassadors Programme: Dissolving Disparity and Distance Gasson, J., Baldwin, H. 97
Belbin Team Roles, Organisational Patterns and eLearning: a Case Study Gibson, A.Nesbit, T. 103
Methodology in computing education research: a focus on experiences Hitchcock, L. 109
An Analysis of Negative Marking in Multiple-Choice Assessment Holt, A. 115
Where have all the students gone? IT Secondary Education in New Zealand Howard, J., Atkins, C. 119
Component Programming Hu, M.J. 127
A Novel Enhancement to Multi-choice question assessment Hunt, T., Matheson, R., Christie, D. 135
Taking Computing Professionals Beyond the Bachelor’s Degree Joyce, D. 139
LIS and Customary Land Tenure: The Tongan approach Latu, S., Dacey, S. 143
Contextual and Concept-Based Interactive Query Expansion Limbu, D., Pears, R., Connor, A., MacDonell, S., 151
A standards-based approach to Federated Identity Lopez, M., Mann, S., Peppiatt. J., Sewell, A., Stott, C. 157
Maori Game Design Mann, S., Russell, K., Camp, J., Crook, M., Wikaira, J. 165
A value proposition model for capstone projects Mann, S., Smith, L. 175
Arriving at an agile framework for teaching software engineering Mann, S., Smith, L. 183
Are Pasifika Businesses in New Zealand Capitalising on IT? Manueli, K., Latu, S., Koh, D. 191
A Case-study on digiPROOF, a Fingerprint Based Payment System Mayer, M., Bridgeman, N., Muller, L. 197
Shape-Based Image Retrieval of Songket Motifs Jamil, N., Bakar, Z.A. 213
Impact of RFID Technology on Supply Chain Management Systems Rochel, R., Joyce, D. 221
Impact of VOIP in the Call Centre: A Case Study Salvi, S., Bridgeman, N., Sathu, H. 231
WarDriving Dilemmas Sathu, H. 237
Designing Questioning Strategies for Information Technology Courses Shneider, E., Gladkikh, O. 243
Structured Work Placements: Investigating cooperative education experiences for IT students Skelton, D.McLay, A. 249
The IT Light Shines for the Future Delivery of Higher Education Snell, S., Snell-Siddle, C. 253
Agile methods: a comparative analysis Strode, D. 257
Impact of Electronic Road Toll Technology on Privacy Sung, P., Paynter, J. 265
Software Testing Practices in New Zealand Sung, P., Paynter, J. 273
Content Analysis of Korean Corporate Web Sites Sung, P., Paynter, J. 283
Code Classification as Learning and Assessment Exercise for Novice Programmers Thompson, E., Whalley, J., Simon, B. 291
Business Models on Open Source Software van Aardt, A. 299
CSEd Research Instrument Design: the Localisation Problem Whalley, J. 307

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
International Student Success: An Academic Mentorship programme. Crews, S., Snell, S. 315
A “Flash” Solution: Alternative Assessment Methods in Blended Delivery Crews, S., Walton, P., Moran, H., Nairne, M., Steele, A. 316
Telling the story of telling the story Crook, M., Camp, J., Russell, K., Mann, S., 317
Exploring New Zealand Online Fashion Industry Trends and Performance Hui, W., Paynter, J. 318
W.R.I.T.E.R. project Fraser, L. 319
Real Computing at Year 13 Gasson, J., Brook, P., Baldwin, H., Brook, P., Mann, S. 320
Using JAVA language in teaching introductory programming Kannangara, D. 321
Enhancing the High Availability for Linux Server Cluster Khokra, K.S., Bener, G. 322
W.R.I.T.E.R. project, Stage A1a: Categorising ICT Sector Jobs Langridge, Y, Radicevic, ., Bartholomew, R., Fraser, L., 323
Institutional history: eleven years of a degree in a timeline Mann, S., Smith, L., Brook, P. 324
Automated Desktop Imaging Murphy, K. 325
Graduate Diploma in eCommerce Projects: Reflections of the Interdisciplinary Nature Nesbit, T. 326
Manawatu Stewart Centre: NETWORK SERVER PROJECT Ralston, S., Grimstrup, N. 327
Artifact-assisted Introduction to Programming Smit, R. 328
A Working Prototype of High Availability, High Performance Web Application Platform Stasiewicz, S. 329
Rugby Moves to 3D Johnston, M., Thamizh Selvan M., Haden, P., Mann, S., 330
The Agile Methods: ‘taking their word for it’ Strode, D. 331
Integration Technologies Limited: Customer Support Project Toki, I., Cousins, I. 332
MUSAC: CRIME System Redesign and Redevelopment Project Toki, I., Deng, J., Cleland, S. 333
MODERN APPRENTICESHIPS: Record Keeping Database Toki, I., Rochester, P., Kesala, M. 334
MASSEY UNIVERSITY – HRM: User and Hardware Inventory Database, Website, IT Support Role Toki, I., Munn, J. 335
Audio eLearning Toki, I., Ralston, S. 336
UCOL library: Computer Support Help Desk Development Toki, I., Thompson, D. 337
Fieldtrip write-up: Linux for total cost of ownership savings Toki, I., Richards, G. 338
Feilding Agricultural High School Alumni Website Project Toki, I., Stevenson, D. 339
Advance Automotive Ltd: Web Content Management & Booking Project Toki, I., Wallace, S., Cleland, S. 340