2005 Proceedings


The 18th Annual

Conference 2005

Tauranga, New Zealand.

Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications Editors: Samuel Mann and Tony Clear


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Full Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Best Practices for IT Education: Vocational and Continuous Learning Dave Bremer,Dr Samuel Mann 11
APL for Computing Staff in 2005:A Role for NACCQ? Dr Noel Bridgeman,Elizabeth Bridgeman 19
Refining the SoDIS® Process in the field: A COTS Project as a context for Risk Analysis Choon-Tuck Kwan, Leo Hitchcock , Tony Clear, Prof Donald Gotterbarn, Stuart Simpson 25
Spam in Email Inboxes Ursula Dantin,John Paynter 33
Data Gathering Dilemmas: Postgraduate Experiences Kay Fielden 39
Motivating Adults to Study : How Effective is Web-Based Training? Lyn Hart 47
Visions, hype and confusion: selling computing futures in institutional marketing Dr Samuel Mann 55
Exhibiting reality: collaboration in practice Dr Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith 65
Developing And Running A Photographic Website Trevor Nesbit, Rob Oliver, Martin Hancock, Gary Nesbit 75
A SWOT Analysis of Introducing Practical Assessments in Introductory Programming Christine Prasad 83
Status of Wireless Networks in Educational Institutes in Auckland Steinar Rudsar , Dr Donald Joyce, Sam Kolahi 91
Security Issues that Arise in IEEE 802.11x and 3G Wireless Networks Avinash Shridhar, Dr Donald Joyce, Sam Kolahi 97
Enhancing International Student Learning Ranjana Shukla, Hira Sathu 103
Best Practice Assessment methods for evaluating an individual’s performance in group work. Michael Verhaart , Kim Hagen, Owen Giles 113

Concise Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Exploring E-Commerce Development:Lessons learnt from a Case Study Frina Albertyn 123
Multimedia and ICT – the challenges of creating creativity Bridie Atkins 127
Graduate Expectations of Employment Training Dave Bremer 131
A Comparison of Two Learning management Systems: Moodle vs Blackboard Bremer, Dave, Bryant, Reuben 135
IT Graduates’ Transition to Productive Employees and Entrepreneurs: An Economic Perspective Trish Brimblecombe, Dr. Vasanthi M Peter 141
FITNZ – Graduate profiles for ICT education at senior secondary level Tony Clear, Graham Bidois 145
What Makes Polytechnic Students Employable? Stephen Corich, Robyn Williams 151
Is it time to Moodle? Stephen Corich 155
Simulations in teaching systems analysis case studies: a method described Colin. Dyer,k Michael Mullany 159
The Observer Pattern Revisited Andrew Eales 163
Visual Basic: New Content Dr Dmitry Gakhovich 167
First Year Scholarships: A Case Study Owen Giles, Allister McLay 171
The IT Industry Leads the Field in Knowledge Management: Yeah Right! Phillipa Grant 175
Practical Solutions to Set and Maintain Multifunction Workshop Labs Henry Ren He 179
ICE: Integrated Computing Education – An individual integrated computing teaching experience Min Jie Hu 183
Time to Enjoy: Go with the flow Dr Tim D. Hunt 189
The Advertising War: Are the students paying any attention? Ian Hunter, Corinne Ross 193
Issues surrounding course content migration: Blackboard to Moodle John Jamieson, Michael Verhaart 197
Games Programming AI James Jordaan 201
Research Cultures under the Microscope: Three Case Studies Dr Donald Joyce, Dr Noel Bridgeman, Trevor Nesbit 207
Supervising students affected by language and/or distance: staff /student perspectives Dr Donald Joyce ,Claudius Benedikt Hildebrand 213
Mindless entertainment: A literature review on the use of computer games in education Paul R Kearney 217
Graduate Profiling: Aligning course content with industry Paul R Kearney, Linda Fraser 223
Working with cerebral palsy students: A personal perspective Paul R Kearney 227
Maths with Attitude: an encouragement based approach Dave Kennedy 231
Raising Awareness of Stakeholders with Disability in Multimedia Design Dr Donald Koh 235
Do we know or know or just think we know

Dobrila Lopez, Mike Lopez, John Peppiatt

A document-centric design pattern for Service Oriented Architectures Mike Lopez, John Peppiatt 239
A+, Guaranteed1: Insisting on best of practice within capstone projects Dr Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith 243
Technical complexity of projects in software engineering Dr Samuel Mann , Lesley Smith 249
NESB STUDENTS – COPing WITH BICT: ONE YEAR ON Trevor Nesbit, Fiona McPherson 275
Putting .NET Web Forms in the Frame John Peppiatt, Mike Lopez 279
Ostrich or Eager Beaver: to Embrace or Reject New Tecchnologies Karen Phillips 283
Supernet: Introducing Computers to the Elderly Dileep Rajendran, Matt Melchert, Kaveh Farbeh-Tabrizi 287
Using a Live E-Commerce Retail Site Improves Teaching E-Business David Skelton 291
Artefact enhanced learning in introductory computing Rene Smit, Peter Brook, Cindy Davies 297
Probing the World of the Project Student Lesley Smith, Dr Samuel Mann 301
Remote Projects: bringing their diaspora home Lesley Smith, Dr Samuel Mann 307
IT Phone home – an Alumni Community Catherine Snell-Siddle, Bridie Atkins, Danette Whitehouse, Tama Randell 311
IT and Women: No Interest or Direction Snell Siddle, Catherine Snell-Siddle 375
Nattering over the net to meet Learning Outcomes Irene Toki 315
Using OpenOffice as a tool in teaching database administration Albert van Aardt 319
A Taste of Honey – UCE (Spam) Reduction Through Deception Nick Wallingford 323
Evaluation of Weblog Services Markus Westner , Dr Donald Joyce 329
The IT Skills Deficit – an Opportunity for Industry and Educators Murray Wills, Robert Sutcliffe 333

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
DIY marketing – using IT to attract IT students Bridie Atkins 339
The challenge of teaching the Japanese electrical engineering curriculum in English Stuart Allan, Samuel Mann 340
Race car racing characteristics Ashley Benson, Sachin Rao , Rachel McLean , Jason Reid, Samuel Mann 341
Teaching Multi-Media Programming with prescription PR61n John Calder, Kiwi Henare 342
XMContentManager – an open source website framework

John Calder, John Peppiatt, Mike Lopez

Building a user group: the benefits for acdemic staff and students Sue Chard, Brenda Lloyd 344
Three years of BIT projects: aligning with professional practice

Sue Chard, Brenda Lloyd, Warrick Procter

DILEMMA! A game of ethics and chance Pippa Coard, Laurel Hayton 346
You Just Gotta Have This! A view of Dissemination of Innovation Theory Steve Cosgrove 347
Energy system wireless monitoring Robert Cameron, Rodney Thompson, Duncan Hills, Dr Malcolm McQueen, Dr Samuel Mann 348
HyperPascal with a persistent memory manager: why and further developments Todd Cochrane, Paul Lyons 349
WACI polled by Render Farms can it be SOAP? Todd Cochrane, Paul Bryant, Geoff McIver 350
Does Course Delivery Disadvantage Some Students? – a Learning Styles Consideration…………. Neil Comins 351
SciCards Keryn Goodsir , Andrew Douglas, Sheila Holo , Amos Mann, Andrew Sewell, Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann 352
OtagoNet ICT Ambassadors Joy Gasson 353
CLIENT MANAGEMENT PROJECT Gareth Griffiths, Bridie Atkins, Markku Kesla 354
Two degrees + one framework = more flexibility and choice for students Chris Johnstone, Trish Brimblecombe 355
The Forgotten Language James Jordaan, John Jamieson 356
Maintaining Academic Integrity: Staff and Student Perspectives Dr Donald Joyce, Beni Hildebrand 357
Software system practices in New Zealand industry Des Kenny 359
Effective Teaching Coding Standards in Programming Courses Xiaosong Li, Christine Prasad, Paul Kearney 360
Salsa: The Systematic Analysis of Learner Self Appraisal Mike Lopez 361
A Leap of Faith: Improving assessment validity in introductory programming Mike Lopez 362
INFRASTRUCTURE AND DATABASE PROJECT Gordon McIvor, Bridie Atkins, Sam Ralston 363
Rest-Home Management System Jason McBratney, John Hunt, Christopher Morton, Andrew Sewell, Samuel Mann 364
Using Drag and Drop Puzzles to Teach Introductory Programming Dale Parsons, Joy Gasson 366
Min and Max the O.R. Heroes (minandmax.org.nz) Nicola Petty, Shane Dye, Andy Philpott, John Paynter 368
Water Measurement Data Collection System Thomi Richards, Krissi Wood, Wayne Fahey, Kevin Barclay, Dr Cameron Hay, Dr Samuel Mann 369
Weblan-designer demonstration Nurul Sarkar, Krassie Petrova 371
PIC-Based Projects Demonstration Nurul Sarkar, Trevor M. Craig 372
Competency to Achievement – a Mindshift Catherine Snell-Siddle, Bridie Atkins 373
C# and its use in Programming Education Gerard van de Ven 374