2004 Proceedings


The 17th Annual

Conference 2004

Christchurch, New Zealand.

Papers from the Proceedings of the 17th NACCQ 2004 Edited by Samuel Mann and Tony Clear


Keynote Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Objectives and Object-Oriented Programming Raymond Lister 13
Poverty Alleviation in Peru: Hi-tech in the Remote Andes Alison Young, Logan Muller 20

Full Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
An IT Support Capstone: Just Another Brick in the Wall Graham Bidois, Tony Clear, Anthony Gates, Alison Talbot 23
Professionally speaking: Reflecting on a professionalism-first approach (Highly Commended) Deirdre Billings, Carolyn Nodder, Alison Young 31
The Evolving Project: Incorporating SoDIS Noel Bridgeman, Linda Way 39
Setting up a Help Desk; Students learning from experience Linda Carr, Barbara Chamberlain 45
“Getting it write”: the relationship between writing and computer skills
(Highly Commended)
Cindy Davies 53
Teaching, Testing and Evaluating Critical Reflection: A Personal Experience Kay Fielden 59
Composing Music Using Genetic Algorithms (Highly Commended Software) Kathiravelu Ganeshan, Jonathan Pickard 67
Managing Software Requirements Risks with Software Development Impact Statements (Highly Commended in Citrus Award for Collaboration) Don Gotterbarn, Tony Clear , Choon-Tuck Kwan 71
Expressing Business Rules using Object Role Modelling Adrian Hargreaves 79
Land of the Long Wi-Fi Cloud? IEEE 802.11b Deployment in New Zealand Bryan Houliston 87
Teaching Novices Programming with Core Language and Dynamic Visualisation Minjie Hu 95
Development of a custom software regression-testing tool: Ensuring a robust system for the management of electricity energy market delivery…..
(Citrus Award for Collaboration)
Tim D. Hunt, Peter Ensor 105
Setting up an ASP.NET Development Environment for a Classroom Lab on Campus Networks Xiaosong Li, Henry Ren He 113
Role of the development methodology and prototyping within capstone projects
(Award for Best Full Paper and Alison Young Cup)
Samuel Mann, Lesley Smith 119
The impact of the analyst-user cognitive gap on an information system’s development life cycles: an empirical study Michael Mullany 129
Is there a place for academic theory in the real world? Diane Norman, David Scadden 135
Justice in the Classroom: Peer Assessment of Contributions in Group Projects
(Highly Commended)
Dale Parsons 145
Skills, capabilities and change: are we keeping up with progress? Krassie Petrova, Gwyn Claxton 153
Evidence that use of the ITIL framework is effective B.C. Potgieter, J.H. Botha, C. Lew 161
Decoding Programming Concepts in EAL and EFL Students: Is there a difference? Christine Prasad, Kathryn Sanders, John McTaggart 169
Lessons to be learnt from students software estimation exercises Emma Sharkey, John Paynter 175
Projecting Projects: Choosing Software Engineering Projects Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann 183
TE KOROWAI HOU (Highly Commended) Jenni Tupu, Julia Ngatuere, Alison Young 191

Concise papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
To use or not to use: Investigating web methodologies Frina Albertyn 201
NACCQ modules in Schools? Michael Andrews 205
Developing a high performance Linux cluster at low cost Gary Benner, Karam Khokra, John Dunlop, Linda Fraser, Deon Woods 209
Free computing courses in NZ: What do users and institutions say Trish Brimblecombe 213
ICT response to elderly baby boomers Peter Brook 217
Artificial Intelligence as a Research Tool: (Let’s not go around in circles) (Trinty software highly commended software) Jim Cater 221
Commercial Viability of ‘Off-Peak’ Distributed Computing at a Tertiary Institution – a Progress Report Mark Caukill 225
The development lab experience: dancing with wolves Sue Chard, Nick Wempe 231
Pictures that change themselves: graphics programming languages to facilitate GUI building Todd Cochrane, Paul Lyons 235
Consultancy Opportunities: Answering a plea for help from a Public Library Stephen Corich, Allister McLay, David Skelton 239
Evaluating block mode delivery as a mechanism for integrating industry related courses into tertiary study Stephen Corich, Allister McLay, John Jamieson 243
The case for a national degree: if not why not and what next? Stephen Corich, Trevor Nesbit 247
A Virtual Solution to a Real Problem: VMware in the Classroom Eddie Correia, Ricky Watson 251
Conceptual Design and Physical Development of database courses Simon Dacey 255
Reaching for the moon: a technique for introducing complex methods at Levels 5 and 6 Irene Davey, Don Gotterbarn 259
Implementing Relationship Constraints in OO Programming Languages Andrew Eales, Rhys Owen 265
Where have all the flowers gone? Bob Gibbons, Alison Hunter 269
Student Evaluations; fact or fiction Owen Giles, Robyn Pascoe 273
BRACE Yourself: CS Education Research Is Coming Patricia Haden, Sally Fincher, Marian Petre 277
Easy and Effective Streaming for Introductory Programming Courses Patricia Haden, Joy Gasson 281
Real World Flight Simulation Rendering Technologies William Harvey 285
Encouraging women to reconsider their choice of computer education course Marie Hutchinson, Kay Weaver 289
Knightsmove (Award for Best Concise Paper) Russell Jordan, Samuel Mann 293
XML in action: A data driven web site with XML Michel Jouvernaux 297
What do Examiners Look for in Dissertations and Theses? Donald Joyce 303
Postgraduate Programmes for Professionals Donald Joyce 307
Ako Ako: A Progress report on a Peer-Mentoring Pilot Programme
(Highly Commended)
Chrissy Joyce-Erueti, Rhona Poutu-Shaw, Khurshid Mitchell 311
The Joy of X: The design of an XML system Dave Kennedy 315
Connecting Community-based Providers Through a Business Registry Donald Koh, Andy Williamson, Iain Morrison 321
XLST Mike Lance 325
Teaching with a Unit Testing Framework Mike Lance 329
Use of Pen-Based Computers in Health Care (Highly Commended) Luke Lau, Donald Joyce , Hira Sathu 333
Wireless Network Security Chih-Ta Lin, Hira Sathu, Donald Joyce 337
Critical Success Factors for Online Auction Web Sites Orson Lin, Donald Joyce, 341
Behaviour Objects: Taking the Feel out of Look and Feel Mike Lopez 345
The FactBase™: Robust and Secure Data Storage for Distributed and Disconnected Systems Mike Lopez 349
NACCQ Systems Curricula Changes in the Systems Analysis and Design field Gerard Lovell 353
Dynamic visualisations as storytelling Samuel Mann, Lorna Luo, Nell Buisink-Smith 357
The impact of effective it systems management on end-user productivity: IT academics have their say Chris McCarthy, Trevor Nesbit 365
Encouraging Student Retention: a study of student retention practices Chris McCarthy 371
Where are they now? Making the Transition – Three Years On. Chris McCarthy 375
What are we Modeling when we Model Knowledge? Steve McKinlay 381
Graduate Diploma: An Effective Route into a Computing Career? Theresa McLennan 385
Developing a framework for an information security paper Shaneel S. Narayan, Sheetal Narayan 389
Serving up server side programming Trevor Nesbit, Richard Raizis 393
NESB Students – COPing with BICT Trevor Nesbit, Sue Isitt 397
An experiment worth repeating: the convergence of pedagogy and IT Diane Norman, David Scadden 401
JavaScript Hit Counters Jan Pajak 405
Variety is the Spice of Life: Creating and Retaining Enthusiasm in Our Students Dimitri Panayi, Xiaosong Li, Alison Young, 409
Presenting Dynamic Customised Views of Objects John Peppiatt 413
The use of computer aided teaching for problem solving in SQL. John Peppiatt 417
Mobile learning using SMS: a mobile business application (Highly Commended) Krassie Petrova 421
The Carich Affair: Picking up the “pieces” (students) and moving on Christo Potgieter, Garry Roberton, Chris McCarthy, Catherine Jull 427
Creating Intriguing Synergies with Course Offerings: Integrating industry qualifications – An ITP perspective Garry Roberton, Ed Corbett 431
VisCis: Visual Studio “Code in Strings”
(Highly Commended Software)
Paul Roper 435
Building Synthetic Voice: A Journey from the Known Voices to a Kiwi Voice Hira Sathu, Ranjana Shukla, Jun Li 439
Computer Human Interaction Education in New Zealand Universities Emma Sharkey, John Paynter 445
Does the sum of the parts equal the whole? Errol Thompson 449
Open Source Software development as a Complex Adaptive System: Survival of the fittest? Albert van Aardt 455
Resolving Oracle 8i problems with changes in hardware George Varghese 461
Learning Object Repositories: How useful are they? Michael Verhaart 465
An Analysis of Enrolment Motivations for IT Students Nick Wallingford 471
Coping with Change: Future Proofing Networking Labs Amy Wilson, Stefan Stasiewicz 475

Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
An Overview of Alternative Approaches for Managing Information Security Mehdi Asgarkhani 480
Welcome to the Real World – RAD in the Classroom Bridie Atkins 481
Audio Resources for On-Site Course: Interesting Idea, Shame it didn’t work. David Bremer 482
Specialist Labs with Removable Hard Drives (Award for Best Poster) David Bremer 483
Johnny’s Adventures
(Highly Commended Student Poster, Highly Commended Software)
Chris Churcher, Dean Johnstone, Patricia Haden, Samuel Mann 484
Comparing Computed Persistence of Vision on a Linux based cluster Todd Cochrane, Paul Bryant 485
Academic Qualification & Industry Certification: Integrating education with practice Steve Cosgrove 486
PXE – Magical little creature who will start your computers Steve Cosgrove, Steve Ofsoski 487
Client Relationships – A Proven Approach Rebecca Cumberlege, Jaimie Green, Tony Clear 488
STUDENT ATTENDANCE: Finding the Facts Shirley Elliot, Tineke Manford 489
WORDO…. a fun way of learning for Computing Students Diane Ford Campbell 490
Beyond the listbox: the use of very rapid physical prototyping in software engineering Boudewyn Erkens, Samuel Mann 491
Fish ‘n clicks
(Highly Commended Student Poster)
Ann-Marie Fox, Lilieta Takau, Shaoqin Yuan, Patricia Haden, Samuel Mann 492
Programming Languages in Tertiary Institutions and Industry Needs Dmitry Gakhovich, Noel Bridgeman 493
Investigation into the utilisation of mobile or handheld devices in a forecourt environment Mike Gannaway, Markku Kesala, Bridie Atkins 494
Aligning our first year maths course to better meet student needs Joy Gasson 495
RemotePoint Management Interface and RemotePointSVR Tyron Harford, Nick Wallingford 496
Fuzzy Clips: a Rule Based Teaching Tool John Hetherington 497
MANET Performance in the Real World Bryan Houliston 498
New Zealand’s Wi-Fi Cloud: Recent Survey Results Bryan Houliston, Nurul I. Sarkar 499
Patient management system project Susan Jenkins, Erzsebet Bekesi, Bridie Atkins 500
Fusebox for reuse and ease of maintenance in a large web application Wayne Gray, Satoko Mowbray, Tony Clear 501
Soft Skills or Soft Option?: “Raising the bar” in the Helpdesk paper Kim Hagen 502
Motivating Adults to Study: How effective is computer based training? Lyn Hart 503
Plagiarism: Meeting New Challenges Donald Joyce 504
Incentives to Increase Class Participation at Postgraduate Level Donald Joyce, Becky Blackshaw, Chris Manford 505
Does the JACIT Still Fit? Donald Joyce 506
Electronic Supervision of Research Students Donald Joyce 507
Using simulation role plays to teach programming concepts for absolute beginners Don Kannangara 508
Identifying the indicators to success for students in computer-based business courses Vivianne Mail, Luca Clark 509
Attitudes and Activities of Students towards Internet and Information Security Shaneel S. Narayan 510
Technology Teaching in Classrooms with Students with Diverse Backgrounds Sheetal Narayan 511
Investigation and implementation of backup solutions for LTSA Jenny O’Brien, Sam Ralston, Bridie Atkins, 512
School Connect
(Highly commended Student Poster)
Ruurd Overhoff, Hendry Lees, Sagheer Ahmed, Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann 513
Working with industry on IT Performance Management Christo Potgieter 514
What can we learn from a LEAGUE conference in the USA? Christo Potgieter 515
Publish online in BACIT! Krassie Petrova, Michael Verhaart 516
Surveying the use of ICT in Higher Education in the USA Christo Potgieter 517
Data and Databases Course Results – Semester 1 and Semester 2 vs Summer School Shiu Ram 518
icensing database project Dennis Richards, Irene Toki, Bridie Atkins 519
Night and Day: Different expectations by students – a Preliminary study Ray Scott 520
How a bunch of four can become a successful self managed team in four weeks Ljudmila Simeonov 521
Applying Learning Management Systems in classroom based assessment Dan Savanovic 522 522
New Dimensions to On-line Presentations Ranjana Shukla, Hira Sathu, Jun Li 523
Experimenting with E-Learning Guinea Pigs. David Skelton 524
Research Proposal: Developing systems for the remote control of an Airship Rene Smit, Samuel Mann 525
Social Engineering Lesley Smith 526
Museums and IT Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann 527
We want more women! Strategies for success Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Danette Whitehouse 528
Trust in e-commerce: A giant leap of ‘legal’ faith Catherine Snell-Siddle, Nicky Gardner, Craig Van Slyke 529
Supporting a Research Culture with Blackboard Diane Strode, Pippa Coard 530
An Investigation into Adding Intelligence to Web based Educational Systems Zhong Tang, Alison Young 531
Involving local students with local business: Network documentation. Irene Toki, Sam Ralston 532
“Sorry about this, I can’t draw” – The Role of Design in Computing Education Rachel Trounson, Samuel Mann 533
Robotic Theremin Player Frank van der Hulst 534
Skills management project John Van Duin, Bridie Atkins 535
First Week Jitters Maree van Praagh 536
Audio Files for Te Reo Ataahua – Basic Te Reo Maori
(Highly commended poster)
Nick Wallingford, Pam Fleming 537
Event Layout Design System (Award for Student Poster, Award for Software Development) David Wade, Lyndsay Roger, Andrew Sewell, Samuel Mann 538
Investigating and Teaching Research Linda Way 539
Computers facing the wrong way: New labs one year on.
(Highly Commended Poster)
Alison Young, Samuel Mann 540