2003 Proceedings


The 16th Annual

Conference 2003

Palmerston North, New Zealand.


The conference contains papers in the following areas:

  • computing education
  • computing practice
  • computing research

The theme this year is “New fields, fresh horizons”.


The philosophy of the conference is the encouragement and support of new, emerging and established researchers in a safe environment while encouraging excellence and academic discourse. In keeping with this somewhat eclectic vision, there are several categories of paper.


Full papers are peer refereed on submission by a review panel and accepted/modified/rejected. The editorial panel reviews final versions. They may be rejected or returned for modification at that point. The paper should be a maximum of 4000 words. The acceptance rate for full papers was 48%.


Full papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Intellectual Midwifery: the birth of a research paper Bob Barbour 15
Integrating International Students into Computing Classes: Issues and Strategies Barbara Chamberlain, Beverley Hope 21
NgaIwi o Ngapuhi Membership System: Relationship Management and Relational Design Radka Charkova, Aimee Lin, Tony Clear, Tess Lomax 31
SoDIS SEPIA _ Collaborative Partnerships in Software Engineering Research Tony Clear, Roger McHaney, Don Gotterbarn 41
Agility in the classroom: Using Agile Development Methods to foster team work and adaptability amongst undergraduate programmers . Sandra Cleland 49
Educational value of e-learning in conventional and complementary computing education. Ken Eustace 53
The Trouble with Teaching Programming. Patricia Haden, Samuel Mann 63
Codes of Conduct for Computing Professionals: an International Comparison . Donald Joyce, Becky Blackshaw, Caroline King, Logan Muller 71
Teaching Technology to the Playstation Generation Paul Kearney, Stephen Skelton 79
Putting the P in Programming: The importance of people and process. Carol Kelly 85
RelaxNG with XML Data Structures. Dave Kennedy 91
Using SoDIS for Target Audience Analysis: a Fresh Field Application. Donald Koh 103
An Example of Teaching Journeyman Level Programming: XML Conversion of Course Descriptors. Mike Lance 109<
Dancing in the moonlight: The nature and extent of portfolio employment IT academics. Samuel Mann, Andy Williamson, Russell Hynd 119
The UDDI Registry _ A Work in Progress. Iain Morrison 125
2 Classes, 2 Languages, 2 Methodologies and 1 Assignment. Trevor Nesbit 135
Logical Relational Datamodelling through Normalisation by Synthesis. J.P.Nijsse, R.J.Whiddett, Clare Atkins 143
NACCQ Qualifications A Performance Review and Future Developments. Garry Roberton, Janne Ross 149
Use Cases and Traceability: A Marriage for Improved Software Quality. Robert F. Roggio 159 table
How Safe Is Your Network? : A Guide to Practical Security Solutions. Hira Sathu, Caroline King 169
Images of computers: a prehistory – hopes and fears realised?. John van Dyk, Samuel Mann, Peter Brook 177

Concise papers are reviewed on abstract by a review panel. The completed papers are reviewed by the editorial panel and may be rejected or returned for modification at that point. The paper should be a maximum of 2000 words.

Concise papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Comparing possible e-processes. Frina Albertyn 189
A Preliminary Study of Students View Towards Computer Simulation as a Learning Tool. Mehdi Asgarkhani, Mark Lyons 195
Technical skills needed in software development – a snapshot from 2002. Erzsebet Bekesi, Nicky Gardner 199
Negotiated contract learning. David Bremer, Samuel Mann 207
Project Success: Defining, Designing, Constructing & Presenting a Capstone Project. Noel Bridgeman 211
Free computing courses in NZ: considering their impact and importance. Trish Brimblecombe 217
Do Methodologies Matter?. Peter Brook 221
Using a third party language with Microsoft .NET. Ryan Clarke, Paul Roper, Paul Lyons, Giovanni Moretti 225
SPUDS: Simple Pictures for Updating Data Structures . Todd Cochrane 231
Do Tablets dream of electric ink?. Todd Cochrane 239
The development of a concurrent English – IT Programme for International Students. Tom Connolly, Dorothy Cleary 243
Real world e-commerce: importing a Japanese used car. Stephen Corich 247
Using degree courses to build industry relationships. Stephen Corich, Allister McLay 251
The Impact of Avatars and 3D Virtual World Creation on Learning Sue Deuchar, Carolyn Nodder 255
Teaching Computer Science: an NLP Perspective . Andrew Eales 259
Dynamic Data Analysed: The SECS & IS Poster Results . Kay Fielden, Alison Young 263
Characteristics of success – Virtually there. Peter Garrett, David Youngman, Justin McCormack, Chris Rosecu,Samuel Mann 269
The influence of Spatial Orientation on Student Performance – A Methodology. Randall Gibson, Judy Williams 273
Flight Simulation vs. Real Aviation: 3D Flight Simulation Technologies. William Harvey 277
Selection of an Internet Content Filtering Solution using the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Tim D. Hunt, Heather Wickham, Kathy Murphy, Michael Elrick 281
A Case Study in Teaching Adult Students Computer Programming . Min Hu 287
Modelling layers of artificial intelligence within a virtual world. John Jamieson, Kay Fielden, Logan Muller 291
Research Supervision: Process and Experience. Donald Joyce, Bob Barbour, Kay Fielden, Logan Muller 295
Doctoring the Profession . Donald Joyce 299
Checking Originality and Preventing Plagiarism. Donald Joyce 303
Adaptive Strategy for Voice over Internet Protocol in New Zealand. Jay Wen, Hira Sathu, Donald Joyce, 307
Survey of the use of DBMSs in Polytechnics and Industry. Don Kannangara, Linda Fraser, Momir Radicevic 311
The impact of technology on distance education. Parwaiz Karamat 315
Moving from Classic ASP to ASP.NET Xiaosong Li 321
Applying adult learning principles in teaching a challenging course. Xiaosong Li 327
Assessing the impact of systems analysis and design on the project: proposed curricula changes. Gerard Lovell 331
The Impact of Effective IT Systems Management on End-User Productivity: An End-User Perspective. Chris McCarthy, Trevor Nesbit 335
Understanding Help Desks: A Hawke’s Bay Study. Allister McLay 339
e-learning quality: becoming a level five learning organisation. Chris Manford, Mae McSporran 343
The role of literacy in the IT curriculum . Samuel Mann, Cindy Davies, Graham McGregor 351
The Development of a Graduate Diploma in eCommerce. Trevor Nesbit 355
Developing a Search Engine Design for Research and Development in a Polytechnic Teaching Environment. Jan Pajak 363
Is there a MOUS in your house? Robyn Pascoe 367
Approximate Computation of Multidimensional Aggregates in a Data Warehouse. Russel Pears, Megan Mansfield 371
Net-centric computing: a postgraduate course. Krassie Petrova, Nurul Sarkar, Jim Buchan 375
Specialization in ICT fields. Christo Potgieter, Joey Jansen van Vuuren 381
Leading Academic Change Management: A Case study of Faculty formation. Christo Potgieter, Marlien Herselman 385
Using ICT in Tertiary Education – Do We Dare To Compare? Christo Potgieter, Marlien Herselman 389
The dot net experience. Phil Robbins 393
The Advantages Of A Virtual Private Network For Computer Security. Sid Sirisukha, David Skelton, Allister McLay 397
E-Tailing – Has it arrived in NZ yet? David Skelton, Alister McLay 403
Assessment of ethical processes in computing education: Are we clean? How to tell? Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann 409
A flexible database approach for regional heritage and tourism information management. Lesley Smith, Samuel Mann, Nell Buissink-Smith 415
Gearing up for Professional Practice: Enhancing Soft Skills for IS Project Students. Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle, Danette Whitehouse 419
Using the UML to Describe Design Patterns . Diane Strode 423
On-Line Aptitude Test. Zhong Tang, Kay Fenton 429
Prevalence of online assessment? Causative factors. Irene Toki, Mark Caukill 435
Information technology, dyslexia, and the disabled learner . Maree van Praagh 439
Beyond HTML: Creating extensible teaching resources using database and Internet technology. Michael Verhaart 443
Doing it with Style: Structured Document Creation from Word Processing into HTML. Nick Wallingford 449
The capstone project – a foundation for work? Malcolm Wieck 455
Teaching Computing and Provision of IT Support: A Bridge Too Far? Malcolm Wieck, John McPhee 459
Designing New Computer Laboratories: Fresh Ideas and New Layouts. Alison Young, Glenn Huggard 463


A 915*600mm poster is displayed at the conference along with one page in the proceedings. Research primarily carried out by students is identified an NACCQ Capstone Projects logo.

Poster Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Teaching style/learning styles…is there a connection? . Bridie Atkins 469
Voice Feedback for Interactive Displays . Kevin Barclay 470
Rocky Nook Bowls – Tournament Management . Euan Bichan, Maxine Miller, 471
Providing Opportunities in Computing Education to some Highly Motivated Adults Barry Brant, Kathiravelu Ganeshan 472
Representing student learning-styles and personality-types with a modified Nightingale Rose . Chris Burrell, Tom Connolly 473
Capital Press – Order Entry, Job Tracking And Quotation . Haydn Cain, Ben Wilson, Dipan Patel 474
Information Transfer in Computer Language Learning . Rob Campbell 475
Choosing for life interactive resource . Matthew Carter, Matthew Lyons 476
What happens when HCI students escape from Flatland? . Todd Cochrane 477
The Tablet PC, how well does it fess up with Kay’s Dynabook? . Todd Cochrane 478
HCI Design Patterns in FrontPage: looking at the Common Ground pattern language . Todd Cochrane, Sandra Smith 479
Xellon – Photograph Management System Donglei Du, Danxin Zhang, Shengli Yang 480
Underwater hockey system . Robert Feist, Karl Miller 481
The Theremin and the Computer . Kathiravelu Ganeshan 482
Extreme Programming – A Success Story . Kathiravelu Ganeshan, Vicknes Ganeshan 483
FAMILTRACK . Matthew Hamilton 484
Knowledge Management – SCM and CRM in disguise? . Cecile Hoods, Trevor Nesbit 485
Future is Wireless . Samad S. Kolahi 486
Alternative CAD User Interface . Brook Lawton, Angela Meikle 487
Storing data as XML vs MS-ACCESS in ASP.NET . Xiaosong Li 488
Automatic Assessment Generator . Xiaosong Li, Zhong Tang, Jun Li 489
Still got that old PC? . Tineke Manford 490
Art of Computers – Computers of Art Samuel Mann, John van Dyk, Peter Brook 491
Complexity: A vital Aspect of Learning Programming . John McPhee 492
Modelling Low Voltage Power Transmission Networks . Malcolm McQueen 493
Copy-right or copy-wrong – software licensing . Shaneel S. Narayan 494
“Serve i.t. right” hospitality training cd-rom . David Ponting, Luke Quarrie, Georgina Robertson 495
The growth of IT at a Technikon in South Africa . Christo Potgieter, Nina Evans 496
Towards Innovative IT Service Management? . Christo Potgieter, Petrie Coetzee 497
IBL – Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships, and Results . Shiu Ram 498
NSP – Job Tracking System . Firman Santoso, Shou Zhi Zou, Eakchai Jirawanitcharoen 499
LAN-Designer Demonstration . Nurul Sarkar, Jason Lian 500
Natural History Tours – Tour Management System . Oyvind Seljeseth, Martin Andersen, Solveig Kaaberg 501
Data modelling approaches: divergence in practice Andrew Sewell, Samuel Mann 502
Introducing Students to microware using ANSI C . Rene Smit 503
Weaving the fabric of IT degrees . Rene Smit, Samuel Mann 504
Delta Software – Customer Services Support Site Extensions Project Neil Smith, Marko Jovovic, Mirama Mahuika 505
Information Systems Graduate Profiles: On-line and Alumni Implications . Irene Toki, Sam Ralston, Danette Whitehouse 506
Identifying tertiary educators’ preferred attributes to facilitate technical writing . Irene Toki, Erzsebet Bekesi 507
Is there enough support for International Students . George Tongariro 508
Linux Alternative . Albert van Aardt, Mike Mossom 509
Developing stream based teaching resources utilising increased Internet bandwidth . Michael Verhaart 510
Developing a Pathway for Information Technology Courses at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic . Nick Wallingford, Pam Fleming 511
Geographic Information Systems in NZ . Linda Way 513