2001 Proceedings


The 14th Annual

Conference 2001

Napier New Zealand July 2001

Full Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Development and Testing of an Adaptive Computer Keyboard Interface Kevin Barclay, Dr Samuel Mann, Peter Brook & Dr Andy Doonan 13
Met a Researcher? Research Paradigms among those new to Research Tony Clear, Alison Young 23
The Case for a National Degree Stephen Corich 33
Keynote: Understanding and Reducing Project Failure: The Ethics of Project Management Don Gotterbarn 41
Towards Interface Design for Older Users Dan Hawthorn 53
Issues and Innovation of Education Technology Course in China Huang Disheng, Yang Zhiqiang, Tao Shi 61
The X files – an XML Xperience Dave Kennedy, Dr Mike Lance 67
Design Patterns for CGI Web Applications with Visual Basic Mike Lopez, John Peppiat 77
Using Academic Research Methodologies to Improve the Quality of Teaching: A Case Study William McEwan 83
Using Cognitive Style Measurements to Forecast User Resistance Michael J. Mullany 95
Information Aggregation for Tailored Mobile Information Mark Oliver, Dr Samuel Mann 101
A Course Design for Flexible Learning Krassie Petrova 109
Student Satisfaction: A Method for Exploring Quality Factors within Computing Education Margot Postema, Selby Markham 113
Network Security: A Layered Approach Hira Sathu 121
Edutainment – The Integration of Education and Interactive Television Stephen Skelton 127
Crashing a Bus Full of Empowered Software Engineering Students Lesley Smith, Dr Samuel Mann, Nell Buissink-Smith 131
SRV Goodwill: A Vehicle for Research Frank van der Hulst 139
Patterns: Lust for Glory Malcolm Wieck 145
Space Enough and Time: Accommodating Special Data Types Dr. Kevin Wilkinson 153
Taking the Internet Revolution Beyond the Winter Palace: Application Development in Post-Revolutionary New Zealand Andy Williamson, Logan Muller 163
Educational Technology Research in New Zealand: A Literature Review Andy Williamson, Carolyn Nodder , Patrick Baker 169
E-nabling E-learning Alison Young 177
Confident Men – Successful Women: Gender Differences in Online Learning Stuart Young, Mae McSporran 185
Automating Course Management via the Web Ron Zucker, Jeanne Zucker 195

Concise papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Performance Evaluation and Capacity Planning of Corporate Networks: A Pilot Study of Methodologies and Trends Mehdi Asgarkhani,Bruce Ward, Dave Kennedy 205
Promoting Web Applications in the IT Educational Environment Boris Bacic 211
A Model for Nurturing Research in Technological Institutions Rebecca Blackshaw, Caroline King, Kamayasamy Surendran 217
Designing a New Communication System to Support a Research Community Trish Brimblecombe 223
The Internet: Teaching Students to Evaluate this Communication and Research Resource Trish Brimblecombe 229
What Car is That? Peter Brook, Samuel Crawley 233
Technology-Friendly Programming Rob Campbell 239
Push Technology – The Computer Meets the FSR John Cleary, Phil Morrison, Peter Brook 243
Measurements on the Web: Where do they Lead ? Brian O. Cusack 249
Innovation through MIDI: Developing Windows MIDI Applications Andrew Eales 255
Producing an Artefact as Research: Multimedia for Young Children Kirsten Ellis, Dr Kathy Blashki 259
How Do We Improve Student Buy-in to our Business Courses? Glennis Goodwill 265
Panta Rei – A Pedagogy for the New Millennium John Green, Perwaiz Karamat, Craig Eves 271
Putting the “E” in Education at Northland Polytechnic Ira Hecht, Joan Keep 275
Flexible Assessment for Programme Development, PD100 Oliver Hoffman 281
Using an On-Line Electronic Medium to Enhance Group Work Jan Holden, Glennis Goodwill 287
Barriers to Learning Robin Holdsworth, Matt Melchert 293
Incorporating Treaty of Waitangi Awareness into an Information Systems Degree: A Case Study Alison Hunter 297
Researching Student Success: Process and Outcomes Dr Donald Joyce 303
Managing and Assessing Group Work at Postgraduate Level Dr Donald Joyce 307
Reviewing and Updating an Established Degree Dr Donald Joyce, Glennis Goodwill, Caroline King 311
Electronic Support for Learning at Postgraduate Level Dr Donald Joyce, Andy Williamson, Carolyn Nodder 315
Preliminary Study of the Achievements of Key Skills in CBC Don Kannangara 319
SQL The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Dave Kennedy 325
Modern Wireless Communication Protocols Samad S. Kolahi 333
Matchmaker – Students and Employers Brenda Lloyd 337
E Help Desk Mae McSporarn, Caroline King 341
Casting your Bread upon the Waters: Sundry Ways of Maximizing Search Engine Response for a Web Page Matt Melchert 347
Selecting a Strategy for Combatting Plagiarism Trevor Morrison 351
Closing the IT and Strategic Management Shortages: Education to take the Lead Logan Muller 357
What Do Pigs And Chickens Have To Do With eCommerce? Trevor Nesbit 365
From Sketch to Form on a Large Interactive Display Surface Beryl Plimmer, Mark Apperley 371
Software Implementation of the Quine-McCluskey Algorithm for Logic Gate Minimisation Nurul Sarkar, Khaleel Petrus, Hosneara Hossain 375
Teaching Computer Networking & Telecommunications: A Network Analysis and Software Development Approach Nurul Sarkar, Krassie Petrova 379
Giving Voice to Discussion Boards Ranjana Shukla, Hira Sathu 385
Passive Eye Monitoring: – the Next Step in the Human Computer Interface? Michael Smith 389
Weekend College: A Case Study of Delivering Full Time Computing Programmes in the Framework of Extension Initiatives Sarah Snell, Catherine Snell-Siddle 393
Factors that Influence the Decision to Buy or Build Software: A Preliminary Investigation of Decision-making in NZ Firms Hazel Taylor, Richard Greggains 397
Delivering the Core Communication Subject to Information Systems Students: A Case of Entrenching Soft Skills into an IS Model Irene Toki 403
Programmes of Study: Bringing Added Value to a Programme Nick Wempe 407
Applying Complexity Theory in Business Information Systems Dr. Albert van Aardt 411
The Establishment of an Electronic Commerce as Endorsement to the B Info Tech Degree at the Waikato Polytechnic, Hamilton, New Zealand. Danie van der Westhuizen 421

Poster papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
Towards a Universal Computer Laboratory Brian C. Adamson 427
Technikons in South Africa Frina Albertyn 428
An Experimental Thermistor Blanket Peter Brook, Dr Stella Lange & Jeanette Robinson-Tromop 429
How much microprocessor study should be compulory in an IT Degree? Peter Brook 430
Researching Research: Research Resources in Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology Onawe Burgess 431
Information Literacy: Arming the Student Matthew Calcinai, Nick Wempe 432
What Students Want Rob Campbell 433
Storing Images on D: drive: where DOS meets Innovation Steve Cosgrove 434
Compuletics 2001 Cindy Davies 435
Are Computer Professionals Still Geeks? Cindy Davies 436
What Would a Professional Computing Doctorate Look Like? Kay Fielden, Dr Donald Joyce 437
Choosing Between a Business Degree and a Computing Degree Dr Donald Joyce, Shaneel Narayan 438
Emerging Patterns in Public Perceptions of Computers Dr Donald Joyce 439
Student Success versus Class Attendance Samad S. Kolahi 440
Simulation and Modelling of Communication Systems Samad S. Kolahi 441
Art Deco Human Computer Interaction Dr Samuel Mann 442
Building an IT Community: BITWEB Dr Samuel Mann, Ben Singh-Cosgrave & Cameron Sinclair-Fox 443
Industrial IT Project Dr Samuel Mann, Dr Graham McGregor 444
eFridge: Everyday Internet Appliance Dr Samuel Mann, Peter Brook & Dr Andy Doonan 445
FarmCheck: Polytechnic partnership set help promote a third of NZ’s exports Dr Samuel Mann, Ian Brown 446
Comparing Plagiarism Detection Services Trevor Morrison 447
An Investigation into Intensive Mode Course Delivery Shaneel Narayan, Dr Donald Joyce 448
What are Object Oriented Beer Bottles? Trevor Nesbit, Dr Michael Lance & Simon Mailman 449
Networking Workshop Labs: Students, Staff and Technology Julia Ngatuere 450
Using Blackboard Courseware in the Delivery of Computerised Reservation System Training Carolyn Nodder 451
Assessing an Individual’s Contribution to Group Work Dale Parsons 452
An Initial Study of the Usefulness of an Aptitude Test for Programming Courses Margot Phillipps, Phil Robbins 453
Can Rhythm and the Patterns in a Given Set of Instructions be Shown in Pictorial Form? Dyrol Pomare 454
Cross Credit Arrangements amongst Tertiary Educational Institutions in the South Pacific Region. Shiu Ram 455
Logic Gate Minimisation Demonstration Nurul Sarkar, Khaleel Petrus 456
Smart-top: Athlete Monitoring for High Impact Sport Louise Sherriff, Rob Sheriff, Owen Forscutt, Spencer Ho& Dr Samuel Mann 457
An On-line Course: Highlights and Grey Areas Ranjana Shukla, Mukhlesur Rahman 458
Remote Server Administration via Cellphone Peter Sinclair, Michael Partridge & Dr Samuel Mann 459
Interactive CD for Teaching Development Based Subjects Ben Singh-Cosgrave, Cameron Sinclair-Fox, Graham McLellan,Dr Samuel Mann & Dr Graham McGregor 460
Graduate Destinations Lesley Smith, Dr Samuel Mann 461
Centre for the Assessment of Prior Learning Interactive CD-ROM Gordon Still, Shivani Mala, Dr Samuel Mann & Faiyaz H. Devjee 462
Research in a Contagious Stage: Some Symptoms and Cures Ken Surendran, Mae McSporran 463