2000 Proceedings


The 13th Annual

Conference 2000

Wellington New Zealand.
Full Papers
Paper Speakers Page No. Pdf
GIS Education at UCOL – From the Teacher Perspective Erzsebet Bekesi 9
Teaching BA100 (Business Applications) at Taranaki Polytechnic: Using the Technology Leonie Bridgeman 17
Students Experience the Theory: Taranaki Polytechnic’s IS301 Project Life Cycle. Noel Bridgeman 21
The Competitive Model: Should We Really all be Aspiring to be Distance Educators? Noel Bridgeman 25
Aberrant Behaviour Peter Brook, Samuel Mann, Angela Virtue 29
Bootstrapping a Research Culture: Lessons from the BInfotech Degree at CIT. Brian Brown 37
Concepts and Concept Mapping: Representing states and progression in a novice programmers understanding and abilities. Chris Burrell 41
Persistent Object Storage in the File System: How it works and its use as a database teaching tool Paul Charsley 51
Towards a Multi-Language Teaching Model of IS Ying Chen, Graeme Faulkner 55
Using IT for Active Student Feedback in the Learning Environment Tony Clear 61
Computer-Aided Learning of Project Planning Within a Constructivist Framework Barbara Crump, Craig Godley 69
Optimising the Delivery of Programming Units on Degree Courses Simon Dacey, David McCurdy 79
Remote Remedies:Challenges When Teaching On-Line Ross Dewstow, Mae McSporran, Stuart Young 85
Use of Embedded Applications in Automatic Loop Tuning Andy Doonan, Chris Cox 93
The Music Notation Toolkit: A Study in Object-Oriented Development Andrew Eales 99
Taonga On Line: Managing and Preserving Culture in a Digital Age Trish Evans, Kevin Wilkinson 107
Helping Us Teach – Who do We Select for our Degree Programme? Bruce Ferguson 115
Business Skills: Exploring the perceptions of IT students, academics and industry Glennis Goodwill 121
On-line Teaching Using an Electronic Forum in Distance Education. John S. Green, Craig G. Eves 127
Being Positive About Negative Numbers: How to Win Compliments When Teaching 2’s Complements Gordon Grimsey 133
Helping Cheats Prosper Dan Hawthorn 139
Testing : Comparison Between What is Taught and What is Used in Industry Peter Henry 147
The PASS Project – Identifying Parameters Affecting Student Success Donald Joyce 151
Exploring the Impact of Information Technology on Society Donald Joyce 155
Applying Soft Systems Methodology for User-Centred Design Diana Kassabova, Rachel Trounson 159
Database Design and the Reality of Normalisation Dave Kennedy 167
80% of What ? _ A Preliminary Investigation of Tutors Understanding of the 80% Pass Mark for DipBC Modules. Dave Kennedy, Janne Ross 173
Quality Assurance: How Much is Needed? Cary Laxer, Alison Young 179
ONWARD and UPWARD A Review of the Bachelor of Information Technology at CIT Gerard Lovell 183
INFORMATION WARFARE and its impact on the Information Technology Industry in New Zealand Brian Main 191
Degrees of Information Technology in New Zealand Vocational Institutions Samuel Mann, Keith Cowan 199
A Language Model Based Optical Character Recogniser (OCR) for Reading Incidental Text Malcolm McQueen, Samuel Mann 207
What the Students Learn: learning through empowerment Samuel Mann, Nell Buissink-Smith 213
Information Systems Research Maturity: UCOL as a Case Study David McCurdy 221
Action and Emancipation: The Flexible Assessment Paradigm David McCurdy 227
Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Information Systems: encapsulating the design and delivery of the unit Hardware Integration at degree level David McCurdy 235
Security on a Linux Box: – a story of problems with hacking Malcolm McQueen 239
Course Web: A Report On Converting Course Notes To Web Pages Matt Melchert 247
Moderation as a Tool for Continuous Improvement Peter Miller 255
Third Year Industry Projects: Reaching For Reality Mike Moller 261
A Pilot Study of a Methodology for Graduate Outcome Survey Linda Neilson 267
Assessment: Central to Learning Beryl Plimmer 273
A Case Study of Portfolio Assessment in a Computer Programming Course Beryl Plimmer 279
Social Considerations in Distance and Virtual Education Christopher Rafferty, David McCurdy, Graeme Foster 285
Help Desk: Providing Students With Real-life Experiences Garry Roberton, Robin Holdsworth 289
Aptitude Testing as a Predictor of Success: The Christchurch Experience Janne Ross 297
Developing a New Course for the Software Development Pathway on the AUT Bachelor of Applied Science Programme Nurul Sarkar, Tony Clear 303
Hardware Basics: An Alternative Assessment Approach Ranjana Shukla, Alison Young 311
A Bulletin Board for Increased Communication and Student Involvement David Skelton, Owen Giles 315
Real World “Messes”: Possibilities for Teaching IT through a Soft Systems viewpoint. David Skelton 321
“Have-nets” and “Have-nots” – What Determines Internet Access in New Zealand? Michael Smythe 331
Delivering New Curricula: A Case Study of delivering the new ICBC Curriculum in place of the Unit Standards based ICC Course. Sarah Snell, Rachel Conley 335
Promoting Student Interaction in a Flexible Delivery Environment Anne Steele 339
Teaching Software Engineering in a Practical Way Ken Surendran, Frank H. Young 345
Success Factors of Student Projects from the Hosts’ Perspective Robert Sutcliffe, Graeme Kuypers 351
An Achievable Computing Solution for Schools Robert Sutcliffe, Graeme Kuypers 359
Information Systems Development Practice in New Zealand Hazel Taylor 367
Multipoint Desktop Videoconferencing: technology and implementation for New Zealand business and education Carole L. Teixeira 373
An Argument for the Information Systems Educators’ Preferred Model of Internet-based Business Simulations Irene Toki 381
The Effects of Business Simulations on Teaching and Learning in IS Education: a case study of experiential learning. Irene Toki, Catherine Snell-Siddle 389
Communication With Students From Other Cultures G.W.Tongariro 395
Designing Web Pages for Producing Electronic and Paper Based Teaching Material Michael Verhaart 399
Workplace Assessment – Balancing the Needs of Student and Organisation Malcolm Wieck 411
Web Design Techniques using Delphi Boris Bacic 419
Help Desk: The Who, Why, What, When and Where of Training a Technology User Deirdre Billings 420
The Bionic Baby Grows Up Peter Brook, Samuel Mann, Greg Trounson 421
Electric Fence Demonstration Peter Brook, Samuel Mann, Paul Davies 422
The Poetic Computer Peter Brook, Andrew Sewell, John Dickson 423
Applied Research in Project Management Subject Teaching Dobrila Damjanovic-Zivic 424
Role Play on Interviewing leads to Teaching Social Skills Shirley Elliot 425
Who Said You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks Kay Fenton, Pam Malcolm 426
Data Mining On Distributed Assessment System T.T. Goh, Kwan, E.E. 427
Quotes for Every Occasion (module!) Peter Henry 428
Local Search Engines for Local Queries Leo Homes 429
A Model for Assessing the Impact of Electronic Commerce On Businesses in New Zealand óA Blend of Multiple Criteria and Structural Equation Modelling Approach Jie Lu, Su Tang, Gerry McCullough 430
Perceptions of Computers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Donald Joyce, Carolyn Nodder, Mark Northover, Johannes Sprigode 431
Patterns of Success: Who Does Best? Donald Joyce, Sandra Knight, Sam Kolahi, Ranjana Shukla 432
Changes in the Level of Internet Use by UNITEC Computing Students Stuart Young , Mae McSporran, Ross Dewstow 433
A Web-based Infrastructure Supporting Research at Otago Polytechnic Samuel Mann, Graham MacGregor 434
Internet delivery of courses to remote locations Samuel Mann, Peter Brook 435
Network Security Hira Sathu, Caroline King 436
Scheduling of Polytechnic Timetables by Constraint Logic Programming, Genetic Algorithms and a Visual Timetabling Tool. Si-Eng Ling 437
Academic Staff Workload Models Alison Young, Phil Bretherton 438
Industry Certification: Does it have any place in our established programmes? David Weir, Ricky Watson 439